02 Aug
Kathedrale Saint Front in Perigueux, Perigord

Exploring lesser-known areas of the Dordogne

For many here in Britain, the Dordogne always conjured up images of bygone rural England, much like an imaginary and warmer version of the Cotswolds at a slow rural pace of life. There would be buildings of honey-coloured stone and fields of rich green, with wild multi-coloured flowers and villages of very friendly locals.


11 Jul

Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise 2011

Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise- Where else can you enjoy a self-serve wine bar on-board a barge?

September may sound like a long way away but if your holiday in Bordeaux extends into September, and you are a lover of French wine, you may be interested in attending the Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise 2011.

Being the largest producer of wine in France, Bordeaux is home to a multitude of wine festivals, tours and cruises. Although despite there being a large section of activities in Bordeaux influenced by wine, the Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise is a one-of-a-kind tour.

Taking place on September 1 2011, guests of the cruise will be taken on a relaxing voyage on the Gironde Estuary, the Dordogne River and the River Garonne, taking in some of the most splendid scenery this particularly beautiful region of France has to offer on a comfortable and air-conditioned hotel barge.

Talking about the luxurious nature of the Wine Cruise, Jan Acorn, owner of Gateway Destinations, organisers of the Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise said:

“With a 3-to-1 staff to guest ratio while cruising, guests will be pampered as they enjoy delicious regional cuisine prepared by our personal on-board chef. Servers are English-speaking and available to assist you throughout the day, but a self-serve wine and coffee bar is also available as an added convenience. The personal wine connoisseur will not only educate guests about the renowned Bordeaux wines, but will also lead an in-depth discovery of culture, history, gastronomy, and traditions of this rich region.”

Although wine is the main focus of this remarkable journey and guests will be introduced to some of the most sensational and delectable wines of the Bordeaux region by the Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise’s personal wine connoisseur.

Your adventure on the Bounties Barge Cruise will not stop there, as this remarkable opportunity to witness the best countryside in the Dordogne includes a three night stay in a cosy, charming and rustic farmhouse hotel.

During the days not spent cruising down some of the most picturesque rivers in France, guests can spend their days exploring the truly tremendous and scenically diverse landscapes the Dordogne is blessed with.

Guests are also invited to spend a day truffle hunting whilst learning about the local delicacy.


15 Feb

Good to go again – The caves of Lascaux

The caves of Lascaux are given a clean bill of health and are now a must see attraction in the Dordogne.

Since they were discovered in the 1940s by a couple of schoolboys inquisitively scrambling around the Dordogne countryside, the Lascaux caves, near the village of Montignac, have been one of the Dordogne’s top tourist attractions, attracting almost 300,000 visitors each year.

The maze of caves contain some of the best-known Paleothlic cave paintings in the world, which are estimated to be more than 17,300 years old. So sacred are the caves of Lascaux that in 1971, they were added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


24 Oct

Dordogne theatre visit

When thinking about the Dordogne, one usually tends to imagine scenes of rural bliss. Mighty rivers flowing through green pastures, thick woodlands, rolling hillsides and quaint pretty villages immediately spring to mind. Whilst these scenes of rustic rapture are most definitely a true representation of this beautiful region of France, its lively theatre scene is less well documented. Here are four of the Dordogne’s most dynamic theatres:


03 Sep

A Fisherman’s paradise – Fishing in the Dordogne

France is a country of stunningly diverse landscapes. Its beauty is propelled into the hearts of its visitors with one of its greatest pleasures being the many impressive and imposing rivers the country proudly boasts. Like the country’s picturesque, well-maintained and relatively empty roads provide for a cyclist’s rapture, France’s great rivers entice a fisherman like the bait he is offering the fish.

Being named after the great river Dordogne that runs through it, the particularly beautiful Dordogne is home to some of the most remarkable rivers in France and consequently proves to be a fisherman’s paradise.


18 May

Things to do in Dordogne, France

The Dordogne is one of those places you simply never forget as a tourist. It’s stoopped in history and offers an incredible range of things to do and see. The North tends to be more about the green rolling hills, vineyards, forests and prairies, whilst the south (the more popular) is culturally rich with numerous important prehistoric sites, castles and caves. In fact, Europe’s most important prehistoric caves are sited here at Lascaux.

So, if you appreciate medieval architecture, culture and art then you really can’t go far wrong. Here are our top four things to see and do in the Dordogne:

Font de Gaume

Font de Gaume is a cave in southwestern France near Les Eyzies, where you’ll discover some very impressive cave drawings that date back over 25,000 years. This cave was inhabited around 25,000BC for a few thousand years and wasn’t actually discovered until the nineteenth century.

The paintings that you’ll see date back to around 17000 BC, the most famous being a frieze of five bison, which was discovered accidentally in 1966 while scientists were cleaning the cave.

Font de Gaume Entrance


18 Mar

Private villa in the Dordogne

La Périgourdine is a villa we’ve recently added to pur portfolio and is located in the north of the Lot-et-Garonne on the border to the Dordogne somewhere between Chateau Le Pintre and Chopine Haut and just out of the Bastide of Castillonnés. It’s also situated just 20mins drive from Bergerac airport.

La Périgourdine


14 Mar

A very private villa in South West France

Villa Le Rual is a very attractive house. It’s in lovely high location between fields and woods that are easily accessible and fantastic for walks. If you’re looking for a little peace and quiet then you can’t go far wrong. The property is completely private and the ideal place to visit if you don’t have an agenda as such.

The pool is beautiful, the house well equipped, the owners lovely (and generous) – expect a welcome pack including chocolate mousse – yum !

Le Rual – A tranquil villa in South West France La Rual’s impressive pool


30 Nov

Vintage Travel’s 2010 Villa Holiday Brochures are here

We’ve  been busy compiling our new Vintage Travel Villa Holiday Brochures for Spain/the Balearics and Portugal, France/Italy/Gozo and Croatia and Greece/Turkey and are proud to report that they’re printed and ready to go! These brochures are by far our best yet with some stunning photography throughout as well as a dramatic increase in choice of villa holiday in some of the most desirable locations in Europe.

Here’s a summary of what each contains (click on the ‘Discover xxxx’ links to see the full range on the website or alternatively please call us to request your own copy):

Discover Spain, the Balearics and Portugal covers Catalunya, Andalucia, Galicia, Mallorca, Menorca, Northern Portugal and the Algarve.


Discover Spain, the Balearics and Portugal