10 Sep

Heading to Skopelos this autumn? Make sure you pack your hiking boots and your beach towel!

With the intense heat beginning to subside and the crowds of tourists significantly thinning out, the autumn is the perfect time to go on a walking holiday. But where do you go? In a word ‘Skopelos’.

Working your way round this beautiful island on foot is the perfect way to become acquainted with Skopelos’ unique views, smells and culture.

With a network of paths and trails meandering across the greenest of the Greek islands on the Aegean Sea, there are plenty of walks to choose from.

Sounds appealing?

One of the best walking routes on the island is from Skopelos Town to Agnontas. This walk takes approximately four hours and as it rises and descends fairly steeply, is not recommended for less experienced walkers.

As well as being loaded with lush green forests, Skopelos coastline is equally as scenically-mesmerising.

For those wanting to give up the walking boots for the beach towel, Skopelos is home to many great beaches.

One of the best beaches is Milia, which tends to get a little crowded in the summer months, namely due to the great watersport facilities on the beach. Milia beach is also tentatively nudist on its south end. Velanio is another of Skopelos’ best beaches, particularly for those who enjoy snorkelling. Velanio Beach is located just four kilometres from the island’s main town, Stafylos. Half of Velanio is a nudist beach, which can get fairly crowded in the high summer. However, out of season, Velanio is much quieter with just a handful of bathers lay on the golden sand. For a smaller and quieter beach, head to Glisteri, a beautiful cove that’s set against a backdrop of emerald trees.


01 Jul

Skopelos Sailing Week 2011

From August 6 until August 13 2011, a new type of tourism will hit the waters and shores of the island of Skopelos.


In combination with the National Offshore Championship, the North Aegean International Sailing Week (Skopelos sailing week 2011) will take place, proving that Skopelos can be used as a competitive venue and the unique diversity within the tourism sector of the island.

Skopelos is a popular location for sailing, with boats of all shapes and sizes seen bobbing up and down on the waters surrounding the island.

The venue for this year’s competition was purposely chosen by the committee of the Thessalonki Offshore Racing Club, who appointed the island because of its immense natural beauty and convenient position in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

In holding the NAISW 2011, the organisers of the competition and the people of Skopelos are intent in demonstrating to the outside world that they are proficient in hosting such an important and revered sporting event. According to organizers of the NAISW:

“With the organisation of the several events in August we have a chance to show visitors and contestants that Skopelos is unique in many ways. We all have to work together and give information to the visitors about the island, show our pure agricultural products, the nature and our hospitality.”

A total of twelve national sailing clubs from across Greece are expected in be represented in the sailing championships in August, with some of the most competitive boats and crews from the nation keen to be involved in the action.

For those that have visited Skopelos a return visit is almost always guaranteed. Being the greenest island on the Aegean Sea, Skopelos is the very essence of the word ‘picturesque’. Hidden beneath a blanket of pine trees, Skopelos is rich in culture and history, fusing the sophisticated and lively with the tranquil and charming.

The fact that this ‘shimmering emerald island’ is hosting such as a prominent sailing event is yet more evidence of the cosmopolitan nature of Skopelos.

To really take advantage of the island’s stunning beauty, you should consider staying at Vintage Travel’s luxury 2 bedroom villa in Skopelos, ‘Maro’, pictured above.


15 Mar

Vintage Travel’s best Greek villas

Mesmerizing, captivating, awe-inspiring – It has to be Greece.

If you want to start planning this year’s holiday but haven’t even decided on a destination yet, why not let Vintage Travel do your deciding for you? We have many stunning villas on the Greek islands of Skopelos, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and Peloponnese, all offering something distinct and matchless, in the most stunning of surroundings. The only difficult bit now is choosing which Greek island to head to.


On the Island of Rhodes, we have villas boasting views of the particularly picturesque Vlicha Bay. Lay at the southern end of the Dodecanese chain of islands, Rhodes skirts the Turkish coast, with its southern situation ensuring the island has more than 300 days a year of beautiful sunshine. Known as the ‘Crusader Island’, Rhodes is an historian’s paradise, with the ancient sites of Lindos, Lalyssos and Kamiros just waiting to be explored.

Rhodes unique diversity means it caters for every tourist’s taste – Lazing on a beautiful sandy beach, visiting medieval fortresses, enjoying nightlife that rivals any European destination, or exploring the island’s magnificent countryside, Rhodes has it all.


The island of Kefalonia offers an intriguing mix of the ancient and the modern. Since Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was set on Kefalonia, it has become one of the most sought-after resorts in Greece, and with good reason. Mountains capped in forests and tortuous mountain roads, provide for some sensational vistas, whilst several interesting attractions such as the caves at Melisani, attract thousands of visitors each year.

If you are wanting to experience a Greek holiday with a difference, then Kefalonia is calling.


Since the Victorian times, Corfu has been a popular holiday destination. Its intense plethora of bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the bigger towns, means the island remains particularly popular with young people. Although Corfu does have a lot more to offer than just its buzzing, lively nightlife.

Romantic villages, steeped in history and culture, interesting coves and pretty beaches scatter this island, which provides some breathtaking views, dominated by mountains and some rich and fertile farmland.


Crete is the largest and most southerly of the Greek islands, and is therefore blessed with a sensational climate. Although the weather is far from Crete’s only sensational feature. With more than 1000 kilometres of coastline, visitors can literally spend their whole holiday seeking out many deserted and beautiful beaches and coves. Crete, with its warm and friendly hospitality and insistence on tradition and folklore, gives tourists a real taste of true Greece.


One of the less well-known Greek islands, Peloponnese, with its medieval castles, remarkable ancient remains, white sandy beaches and quant and charming villages, hidden amongst some truly breathtaking scenery, is one of the most pure and unblemished places in the whole of Greece.


For those who prefer your beaches more rugged, then Skopelos, with its rough and craggy hillsides, protruding into many rocky and interested coastal outlets, may be the destination for you. This beautiful island is practically all forest, with 80 percent of inland Skopelos being cloaked in sweet-smelling pine trees.

It is because of this eclectic mix of rugged coastline, pine woods, fruit orchids, chapels and monasteries and friendly locals, that has guaranteed the island of Skopelos is featured in our 2011 portfolio of magnificent properties.



09 Feb

3 of the best travel guides 2011

Vintage Travel’s ‘Discover’ brochures 2011

To provide you with an even greater understanding of the location you have chosen to take your holiday, the accommodation you will be staying in and the many treasures you are likely to uncover, Vintage Travel has composed three glossy, glamorous and ‘brimming with information’ brochures, new to 2011.


Aptly titled ‘Discover’, the brochures have been designed to deepen our clients’ comprehension of the journey they will soon be embarking on. Or to help indecisive travellers make their final destination choice, Vintage Travel’s “Discover”, will act as a definitive decision-maker.


The three brochures cover the vast and diverse European locations our extensive profile of villas are located in – One being dedicated to Spain, Lanzarote, Balearics and Portugal, another to France, Italy, Gozo and Croatia, and the third covering Greece and Turkey.


17 Jan

Luxury Greek holidays in authentic Skopelos

The island of Skopelos is one of the lesser known Greek islands and as a consequence is less visited.

At Vintage Travel, we excel in finding treasures away from the mainstream trails.

Lightly frequented destinations are a true gem, aiding a place’s appeal. Skopelos certainly fits this description, as with its dazzling white yet old buildings contrasting vividly with the vibrant flower pots strewn to the walls.

This, with the cobalt colour of the sea and the sky, but with a serious lack of people, Skopelos holidays are perfect for a tranquil yet truly Greek escape.

For those wanting to know where was Mama Mia filmed, the answer is easy. The producers needed a quiet, typically greek location, Skopolos island was a simple choice.


19 Apr

Best Beaches in Skopelos

Skepolos is a small Greek island that measures just 17km long from NW to SE and only 8km at its widest point. Made famous by the recent box office hit Mamma Mia, Skepolos is one of those places that has remained unchanged for centuries and that includes the exquisite beaches. The great thing about Skopelos is that you are never far from a beach… or a great teverna. There are loads of beaches to choose from, some easy to reach and others not so.

However, many of the beaches can be reached from Skopelos Town by bus or hire car and range from tiny secluded coves to long stretches of white pebbles or sand/shingle. The water is crystal clear and the swimming/snorkelling is fantastic.

Here’s our guide to the best beaches in Skopelos:

Milia (approx 17km from town). This is pebble and sand beach, which offers an incredibly picturesque setting and has views of rocky outcrops and Dassia Island. It’s not unusual for dolphins to visit here in the early mornings so make sure you get there early. Also, there is a fantastic tavern and beach bar and a bus stop about 500m away.

Milia Beach, Skopelos


12 Apr

Skopelos villas with pools – the home of Mamma Mia

If you’ve seen the blockbuster Mamma Mia (film version) then no doubt you’ll have admired the gorgeous backdrop of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, quaint Greek villas and a culture that hasn’t changed for centuries.

Skopolos Harbour

The island is absolutely gorgeous and we’ve got a selection of stunning private villas with pools to rent. Go visit the film set, walk up Mount Delphi (660m) or Mount Palouki (546m), explore ancient sites or check out the six monasteries of Palouki that date from the 14th century – whilst the island may only be 17km long there’s a huge amount to do and see.

Time to get used to the crystal waters of Skopelos

Here are two fantastic villas in Skopelos with pools to feast your eyes on:

Fotini Kalivi, a romantic hideaway with one bedroom, one bathroom, open living space and your own private pool. You’re just 3km from the island’s centre, in close proximity to two tavernas and the local markets. Oh… and the views are breathtaking!

Fotini Kalivi's views are next to none