15 Mar

Vintage Travel’s best Greek villas

Mesmerizing, captivating, awe-inspiring – It has to be Greece. If you want to start planning this year’s holiday but haven’t even decided on a destination yet, why not let Vintage Travel do your deciding for you? We have many stunning villas on the Greek islands of Skopelos, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and Peloponnese, all offering something

09 Feb

3 of the best travel guides 2011

Vintage Travel’s ‘Discover’ brochures 2011 To provide you with an even greater understanding of the location you have chosen to take your holiday, the accommodation you will be staying in and the many treasures you are likely to uncover, Vintage Travel has composed three glossy, glamorous and ‘brimming with information’ brochures, new to 2011.  

12 Apr

Skopelos villas with pools – the home of Mamma Mia

If you’ve seen the blockbuster Mamma Mia (film version) then no doubt you’ll have admired the gorgeous backdrop of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, quaint Greek villas and a culture that hasn’t changed for centuries. The island is absolutely gorgeous and we’ve got a selection of stunning private villas with pools to rent. Go visit