09 Feb

3 of the best travel guides 2011

Vintage Travel’s ‘Discover’ brochures 2011

To provide you with an even greater understanding of the location you have chosen to take your holiday, the accommodation you will be staying in and the many treasures you are likely to uncover, Vintage Travel has composed three glossy, glamorous and ‘brimming with information’ brochures, new to 2011.


Aptly titled ‘Discover’, the brochures have been designed to deepen our clients’ comprehension of the journey they will soon be embarking on. Or to help indecisive travellers make their final destination choice, Vintage Travel’s “Discover”, will act as a definitive decision-maker.


The three brochures cover the vast and diverse European locations our extensive profile of villas are located in – One being dedicated to Spain, Lanzarote, Balearics and Portugal, another to France, Italy, Gozo and Croatia, and the third covering Greece and Turkey.

As all our properties are personally visited by our team of travel experts, descriptions of the locations and properties are a personal and honest account, accompanied with the most stunning and visually transparent of photographs.

These carbon neutral publications provide a comprehensive overview of each of the countries and islands featured by Vintage Travel, which includes answers to the vital questions travellers often have prior to their trip. First-hand experiences about climate, local cuisine and local festivals are featured frequently in these highly informative yet entertaining magazines.  Important travel information is also included, such as information about sea crossings, flights, train travel, car hire, travel insurance and other information considered essential to the modern traveller.

Comprehensive details about each individual property are provided in our brochures, including testimonies by previous visitors, prices, availability and a booking form.

Staying in private accommodation gives you the freedom, privacy and the ‘own space’ you deserve on holiday. Vintage Travel supplies only the very best this unique freedom offers. Our highly readable, riveting and photographically stunning ‘Discover’ brochures, enables our clients to leisurely muse over which of our extended quality properties especially catches their eye.

Click here to view ‘Discover’ online or to order a hard copy by post.