15 Mar
Why the imposing fortified Etruscan town of Volterra in Tuscany should be on every culture-vulture's 'to go' list

Why the Imposing, Fortified, Etruscan Town of Volterra in Tuscany Should be on Every Culture-vulture’s ‘to go’ List

Tuscany is doused in inspiring and captivating cities, towns and villages, where visitors can be acquainted with the region’s unique history, traditions, architecture and customs. The walled town of Volterra to the south-west of Florence in the province of Pisa, is one of the most enchanting of Tuscany’s ancient towns and is perfect for those

21 Mar

Why the rolling Tuscan hills are exceptionally pretty in the springtime

Tuscany and the spring go together like a horse a carriage, like cheese and wine, like sea and sand. Why? Because during the warm and sunny months of spring, Tuscany’s verdant rolling landscape becomes even greener, its emerald hillsides sprinkled in floral splendour, its majestic vineyards blossoming tirelessly, and its new-born birds singing in symphony

02 Feb
Pietracolora, Tuscany in Winter

Top winter activities in Tuscany

Winter in Tuscany might be on the chilly side but it’s as beautiful, captivating and exhilarating as ever. In fact, without the crowds and what can be stifling heat, winter can be one of the best seasons to visit this truly fascinating region.