13 Oct

Villa Clara, Tias, Lanzarote: Where sandy beaches and translucent water patiently await you

Villa Clara is a smart and elegant newly built house situated close by the thriving town of Tias on the southern end of Lanzarote. The architecture of the villa is angular, stylish and wonderfully white. Views of both mountains and the sea can be seen from the terrace, an appropriate colour combination when you consider the flag of Tias is half green and half blue to denote the reliance the town once had upon the sea and the land.


08 Feb

Lanzarote’s Teguise Carnival 2012

If you are in London and happen to see are rather bright, obscure and intriguing poster peppered across the walls mentioning the ‘Teguise Carnival 2012’, then take another look, as what you are looking at is a promotion of what promises to be a compelling, lively and memorable carnival, held on the beautiful island of Lanzarote this year.

Late last year, Teguise council “pulled out all the stops” to get a poster of the forthcoming fair displayed in front of a large number of potential tourists, and exhibited the poster at the tourism fair held at the Excel in London in November last year.

The design for the Teguise Carnival 2012 promotion, which is titled, “Marina tiene Carnaval”, was created by Adrian Gonzales Armas, who won a competition for the best designed poster for the Teguise Carnival.

The Teguise Carnival 2012 itself will take place from 1 – 4 March 2012. Year after year, this energetic event attracts thousands of visitors to Teguise’s streets to join in the lively celebrations.

Dating back to the seventh century, the Teguise Carnival maintains a commitment to practising many age-old traditions during the four days of carnival fun, including an activity known as the ‘Dance of the Diabletes’, whereby a handful of locals masked and horned chase away tourists and locals alike.

This somewhat bizarre event remains one of the most popular features of the Teguise Carnival, despite some local disapproval to the ‘roughness’ of the Dance of the Diabletes.

Like almost every carnival to take place in Spain, the Teguise Carnival vaunts a surplus of street parades, dancing, live music, elaborate meals and plenty of drinking. To mark the beginning of the festival a torch-lit procession makes its way through the streets of Teguise, a charismatic start to an entrancing event.

The town of Teguise is one of the most important tourist resorts on the whole of Lanzarote, which, unlike its modern coastal neighbour, is brimming with history, which in dating back to the early 1400s, lays claim to being the oldest Spanish settlement in the whole of the Canary Islands.

With the flowers beginning to bud, the weather beginning to warm up, and without a congestion of tourists, March is a particularly pleasant time to visit Lanzarote, and if your trip is accompanied with historical and cultural yearnings, then be sure to put Teguise Carnival 2012 on your itinerary.

And for a luxury villa on Costa Teguise, just click the link. Cortijo de Cabreron oozes rustic charm and has its own private pool.


30 Nov

Luxury villa in Lanzarote – Villa Oasis

Lanzarote’s Villa Oasis – An oasis within an oasis and former home of legend Omar Sharif!

Winter could not be more idyllic than on the island of Lanzarote. With a year-round good climate, including pleasantly mild winters and moderate rainfall and with a colourful bloom of diverse vegetation coming to life in February and March, there is no place quite like Lanzarote to escape the grey, long and drudging British winter.

With a finger firmly on the pulse of top winter sun travel destinations, Vintage Travel has extended its collection of hand-picked private villas on Lanzarote for 2012.

Villa Oasis, Oasis de Nazaret

Our extended portfolio of villas designed to complement the beauty of Lanzarote in the wintertime, is luxury villa in Lanzarote Villa Oasis, located in the beautiful village of Oasis de Nazaret. As both the name of the villa and the name of the village hint, your stay in this airy, light and exquisite village house will be an oasis of delight.

This three bedroom, two bathroom property can accommodate up to six guests, and, being cushioned on a hillside with a handful of other pretty cottages, Villa Oasis boasts mesmerising views of knots of whitewashed houses, the nearby Mediterranean twinkling under the sun, set against a backdrop of mightily imposing mountain ranges.

These breath-taking views are not only to be enjoyed from the widows of Villa Oasis but can be gazed upon  from both the property’s private swimming pool and the wide outdoor terrace, both of which provide the perfect setting to soak up some winter sun.

Having been the home of the acting legend, Omar Sharif, you would expect the village of Oasis de Nazaret to be ‘something else’. And we can promise you that you won’t be disappointed, as this atmospheric town is huddled amidst countryside at its most impressive, but contains an elegance and sophistication that is often lacking from rural villages.

If you can manage to prize yourself away from Villa Oasis, then a meal at the stylish restaurant in Oasis de Nazaret is advisable, likewise so is a trip to the nearby town of Teguise, where a stroll down its cobbled streets and a beer in one of its many quintessentially Spanish squares, warrants an unforgettable day out.

A week’s stay in Villa Oasis in January costs £795 for three to six people and £595 for a party of two.



09 Feb

3 of the best travel guides 2011

Vintage Travel’s ‘Discover’ brochures 2011

To provide you with an even greater understanding of the location you have chosen to take your holiday, the accommodation you will be staying in and the many treasures you are likely to uncover, Vintage Travel has composed three glossy, glamorous and ‘brimming with information’ brochures, new to 2011.


Aptly titled ‘Discover’, the brochures have been designed to deepen our clients’ comprehension of the journey they will soon be embarking on. Or to help indecisive travellers make their final destination choice, Vintage Travel’s “Discover”, will act as a definitive decision-maker.


The three brochures cover the vast and diverse European locations our extensive profile of villas are located in – One being dedicated to Spain, Lanzarote, Balearics and Portugal, another to France, Italy, Gozo and Croatia, and the third covering Greece and Turkey.


19 Jan

Lanzarote Ironman 2011

“Normal limits do not apply”, the motto for the tough guys of  Lanzarote, challenging to be Ironman champ.

Holidays to Lanzarote 2011 offer everything you need, A beautiful island, a terrific climate and bags of fun.

What’s been dubbed as “probably the hardest race in the world” takes place on Lazarote each year. An island which delights visitors with its breathtaking scenery, close proximity to Africa and distinct local charm.


The race is a gruelling triathlon, unrivalled in its test of strength, both physically and mentally. Club La Santa holds the license for the Ironman and organises the race each year.


06 Nov

Lanzarote Marathon 2010

Being one of the world’s most exceptional centres for volcanic studies, Lanzarote boasts some of the most breathtaking panoramic volcanic landscapes on the globe. Another positive attribute of Lanzarote’s geographical position other than its celestial vistas, is its year-round warm climate. Like all the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is affected by two weather systems – the high pressure of the Azores and the permanent warm airflow from the neighbouring Sahara desert, both of which help maintain a stable climate, with the annual average being 21 degrees Celsius.

The Lanzarote Marathon - Challenging but hugely rewarding

It is therefore not surprising that Lanzarote has remained a popular tourist destination for more than 40 years, particularly in the winter months, as the island provides a sunny relief from the relentless cold and wintry weather of the UK and even many other parts of Spain. Although Lanzarote’s climatic qualities do not stop at luring a constant trickle of year-round visitors. Its mild weather conditions, ideal terrain and inspirational views, means Lanzarote is the ideal location to promote the mental and physical health benefits of sports.


13 Oct

Villas in Lanzarote for 2011

Being the easternmost point of Spain and just 125 kilometres off the coast of Africa it is not difficult to comprehend that the island of Lanzarote luxuriates all year sunshine, minimal rain and mild temperatures. With its dramatic volcanic scenery, white sandy beaches unblemished by manmade edifices but given spirit by the unpredictable Atlantic Ocean crashing across the shores, Lanzarote yields many diversely mesmerizing charms that attracts visitors of all ages.

Finca Romera, La Gerla

Vintage Travel, with its uncanny knack in seeking out the most exclusive accommodation in the most heavenly of locations, really have excelled in its meticulously selected Lanzarote collection, new for 2011. As ever, attention to detail is paramount, although on the island of Lanzarote attention to detail is a dominant feature in all walks of life. Lie back, visualize and imagine what soon could be a reality…

Finca Romera, La Gerla

Spawning spectacular views across Lanzarote’s uniquely varied landscapes, Finca Romera lies deep in the heat of the wine growing region in the verdurous valley of La Gerla. Wine dominates the scene here with many beautiful bodegas lining the road running through the valley, proudly displaying the finest local produce.

In keeping with the local style, the dazzling whitewashed Finca Romera contrasts stunningly with the azure and cloudless sky above and the deep emerald valleys framed by the magnificent distant mountains of the Timanfaya National Park. A large patio area with terraces and a crystal clear pool with Roman steps, alluringly beckons for a bottle of the local ‘vino’ to be opened and savoured whilst taking in the sublime views. This spacious and traditional property sleeps up to six, having three bedrooms and two bathrooms.