30 Nov

Luxury villa in Lanzarote – Villa Oasis

Lanzarote’s Villa Oasis – An oasis within an oasis and former home of legend Omar Sharif!

Winter could not be more idyllic than on the island of Lanzarote. With a year-round good climate, including pleasantly mild winters and moderate rainfall and with a colourful bloom of diverse vegetation coming to life in February and March, there is no place quite like Lanzarote to escape the grey, long and drudging British winter.

With a finger firmly on the pulse of top winter sun travel destinations, Vintage Travel has extended its collection of hand-picked private villas on Lanzarote for 2012.

Villa Oasis, Oasis de Nazaret

Our extended portfolio of villas designed to complement the beauty of Lanzarote in the wintertime, is luxury villa in Lanzarote Villa Oasis, located in the beautiful village of Oasis de Nazaret. As both the name of the villa and the name of the village hint, your stay in this airy, light and exquisite village house will be an oasis of delight.

This three bedroom, two bathroom property can accommodate up to six guests, and, being cushioned on a hillside with a handful of other pretty cottages, Villa Oasis boasts mesmerising views of knots of whitewashed houses, the nearby Mediterranean twinkling under the sun, set against a backdrop of mightily imposing mountain ranges.

These breath-taking views are not only to be enjoyed from the widows of Villa Oasis but can be gazed upon  from both the property’s private swimming pool and the wide outdoor terrace, both of which provide the perfect setting to soak up some winter sun.

Having been the home of the acting legend, Omar Sharif, you would expect the village of Oasis de Nazaret to be ‘something else’. And we can promise you that you won’t be disappointed, as this atmospheric town is huddled amidst countryside at its most impressive, but contains an elegance and sophistication that is often lacking from rural villages.

If you can manage to prize yourself away from Villa Oasis, then a meal at the stylish restaurant in Oasis de Nazaret is advisable, likewise so is a trip to the nearby town of Teguise, where a stroll down its cobbled streets and a beer in one of its many quintessentially Spanish squares, warrants an unforgettable day out.

A week’s stay in Villa Oasis in January costs £795 for three to six people and £595 for a party of two.