18 Nov

What makes Cyprus unique?

With striking beaches, beguiling historical sites, mouth-watering cuisine, breathtakingly beautiful scenery, not to mention an enviable climate, it’s hardly surprising that travellers have long had a love-affair with Cyprus.




17 May
What makes Sicilian food so special?

What Makes Sicilian Food so Special?

When one thinks of gourmet cuisine, Italian fare often comes to mind. With the fresh ingredients perfectly blended and seasoned, Italian dishes are easily one of the best types of food that anyone can enjoy. It’s universal, as anyone with any palate can appreciate the incredible flavours of dishes prepared by the hands of Italians.


22 Feb
Galician Crepe

How to Make the Perfect Crepe, Galician Style

Galicia is world-renowned for its distinct cuisine, laden with fresh fish, scrumptious seafood and tasty meat, prepared to perfection with locally-grown ingredients. Testament to just how serious Galicians’ are about cooking are the 300-plus gastronomic festivals held across the region throughout the year.