11 Mar
Red Eggs

Easter on Kefalonia

If you want to know how to really celebrate Easter, go to Kefalonia. It is possibly one of the most significant periods in their annual calendar. Every year Easter is observed with copious amounts of tradition, passion, reverence, and eventual jubilant festivities. This year the date for Easter Sunday falls on 1st May 2016.

09 Mar
Red eggs

Easter on Crete

What is bigger than Christmas? Well in Crete, it is certainly Easter. Filled with far more passion and fervour, it is a tradition unbroken through generations of families of this island. Each year Easter Sunday will fall on a different date, for 2016 Easter Sunday will be the 1st May.

12 Jun

The Snake Festival of Kefalonia

Snakes! You either love them or you are frightened to death by them. On the Greek island of Kefalonia they say that snakes have appeared for centuries at the Church of the Virgin in Markopoulo. Not just a few snakes but hundreds of them. The story goes that the snakes which visited the church were

03 May

Rethymno and the Crete Wine Festival 2014

Calling all wine lovers… And nope, it’s not to France, Italy or Spain, the internationally-renowned European wine hotspots, it’s to Greece believe it or not. The first week of July will see the city of Rethymno host its yearly wine festival. This colourful, joyous and popular event will include music, dancing, laughter and of course

16 Mar

Experience Easter with a difference on Crete

While Easter celebrations can be somewhat similar around the world, Easter time on Crete and indeed on the whole of mainland Greece, is significantly different from other Western European nations. This is mainly due to the fact the Greeks use a modified version of the Julian calender instead of the Gregorian calender. In 2014 Easter