05 Nov

Malta International Firework Festival 2012

2012 is rapidly approaching and you may have started thinking about your next year’s holiday itinerary. With the onset of the warmer weather and the first of the buds beginning to bloom, spring can be a great time to make an escape to sunnier climes. With these thoughts in mind, the island of Malta can

18 Aug

The Malta International Air Show 2011

Whether you are an aviation enthusiast or just a regular traveller holidaying on the beautiful island of Malta this September, you simply cannot miss the Malta International Air Show 2011, one of Europe’s most spectacular aerial displays. Held on 24 – 25 September 2011, this fantastic annual event is one of the largest outdoor events

21 Jul

Top three beaches in Malta

The island of Malta is surrounded by a parameter of beautiful sandy beaches that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, snorkelling and taking the children. With such a fine choice of beaches on offer providing the very best of what we love about a beach holiday, knowing which one to head to for a day in

07 Apr

Celebrate Easter 2011 in Malta

Why not spend Easter 2011 on the magical island of Malta? Whilst Easter in Britain typically consists of gorging on too many Easter eggs and then feeling fat and fed up for the rest of the holiday season, with almost the whole of the Maltese population being ardent Catholics, it is only natural that Easter

13 Feb

Malta Marathon 2011

Malta Marathon 2011 – Running through an atmosphere of simple sophistication On Malta’s marathon day an air of anticipation and excitement hangs over Valletta, the 4000-year-old Maltese capital. It is somewhat strange that though the city is known as the silent city. There is a lot going on here, with ancient cathedrals boasting imposing bastions,