13 Oct

Villa Clara, Tias, Lanzarote: Where sandy beaches and translucent water patiently await you

Villa Clara is a smart and elegant newly built house situated close by the thriving town of Tias on the southern end of Lanzarote. The architecture of the villa is angular, stylish and wonderfully white. Views of both mountains and the sea can be seen from the terrace, an appropriate colour combination when you consider the flag of Tias is half green and half blue to denote the reliance the town once had upon the sea and the land.


08 May

Lanzarote summer festivals 2013

In Spain a festival is a more than a regular occurrence, it is an uncompromising ritual and you rarely have a month go by without a fiesta in some form or shape taking place. Lanzarote is no exception to that unwritten rule and there will be plenty of joyous celebrations taking place on this fabulous island during the summer months.

Here’s a rundown of the Lanzarote summer festivals 2013:

On May 18 there is the Lanzarote Iron Man competition, which always includes a post competition bash. Within a week of the Iron Man you may find yourself near to Montana Blanca and on Friday May 24, the locals will be holding their annual fiesta, complete with dancing and the band plus plenty of food and drink, such as the small pork Spanish fiesta delicacy, ‘Pinchos’, which are basically spiced kebabs or skewers and are perfect when washed down with an ice-cold Spanish beer.

Canary Island Day is on May 30 and the fiesta commemorates the autonomy granted to the Canary Islands back in 1983. The whole of the island on this special day celebrates in especially vibrant and memorable style.

On June 13, 2013, there will be a festival in Guime where one can expect the usual late night revelling, which usually lasts way beyond the dawn. In fact at a Spanish fiesta many Spaniards will only leave their house to go out for the night at around one in the morning and they may well find that they are early arrivals!

Then there is the Noche de San Juan or the Night of St John on Sunday June 23. Bonfires are lit which would not be allowed on the Spanish mainland in the summer months due to fire risk, but as Lanzarote is volcanic and sparsely vegetated, bonfires are permitted.

The next day – if you can stand the pace – could see you at a fiesta in Haria, where you can expect all the usual partying and on the Saturday June 29 yet another fiesta in Maguez.

July and August follow pretty much the same heavy partying schedule and in fact, Lanzarote’s legendary fiesta calendar only eases off, albeit slightly, in December.




08 Nov
Arrecife carnival 2013

Arrecife Canival 2013 – Start 2013 in style on Lanzarote

When it comes to hosting flamboyant, colourful and decidedly exhilarating festivals and events, Lanzarote is certainly amongst the European experts.

No sooner has the fabulous celebrations of the Cabalgata de los Reyes – the Three Holy Kings – died down, which involves three locals dressed as the Three Kings being paraded around the streets of Arrecife, closely followed by ostentatious floats hurling out sweets to the swathes of children that follow in its path, the Arrecife Carnival takes place.

From February 8 until February 12, 2013, this highly-anticipated annual festival will be taking place in the town of Arrecife. This well-attended event includes the ancient tradition on Lanzarote of burying a sardine on Ash Wednesday. Throughout the five days a sequence of floats, parades, bands, music and dancing takes place, bringing colour, laughter, creativity and originality to the streets of Arrecife.

The event, which never fails to attract thousands of revellers from both near and afar, propels the Lanzarote capital from its usually lively status to being a hub for some weird and wonderful diversions.

Whilst barely one street in Arrecife goes untouched by the festive celebrations the main events of the Arrecife Festival take place in the Recinto Ferial, the town’s leading exhibition and events centre.

To conclude this vibrant and cosmopolitan festival on Lanzarote the finale show is a sensational firework bonanza that goes on well into the night, lighting up the starry Lanzarote sky.

If you can’t make the Arrecife Carnival 2013 in early February then don’t despair as a couple of weeks later in late February, the Puerto del Carmen Ferial will be taking place. This three day event also features colourful processions with magnificent floats and costumes, street entertainment, eating, drinking and dancing, and a remarkable firework display on the last night.



08 Feb

Lanzarote’s Teguise Carnival 2012

If you are in London and happen to see are rather bright, obscure and intriguing poster peppered across the walls mentioning the ‘Teguise Carnival 2012’, then take another look, as what you are looking at is a promotion of what promises to be a compelling, lively and memorable carnival, held on the beautiful island of Lanzarote this year.

Late last year, Teguise council “pulled out all the stops” to get a poster of the forthcoming fair displayed in front of a large number of potential tourists, and exhibited the poster at the tourism fair held at the Excel in London in November last year.

The design for the Teguise Carnival 2012 promotion, which is titled, “Marina tiene Carnaval”, was created by Adrian Gonzales Armas, who won a competition for the best designed poster for the Teguise Carnival.

The Teguise Carnival 2012 itself will take place from 1 – 4 March 2012. Year after year, this energetic event attracts thousands of visitors to Teguise’s streets to join in the lively celebrations.

Dating back to the seventh century, the Teguise Carnival maintains a commitment to practising many age-old traditions during the four days of carnival fun, including an activity known as the ‘Dance of the Diabletes’, whereby a handful of locals masked and horned chase away tourists and locals alike.

This somewhat bizarre event remains one of the most popular features of the Teguise Carnival, despite some local disapproval to the ‘roughness’ of the Dance of the Diabletes.

Like almost every carnival to take place in Spain, the Teguise Carnival vaunts a surplus of street parades, dancing, live music, elaborate meals and plenty of drinking. To mark the beginning of the festival a torch-lit procession makes its way through the streets of Teguise, a charismatic start to an entrancing event.

The town of Teguise is one of the most important tourist resorts on the whole of Lanzarote, which, unlike its modern coastal neighbour, is brimming with history, which in dating back to the early 1400s, lays claim to being the oldest Spanish settlement in the whole of the Canary Islands.

With the flowers beginning to bud, the weather beginning to warm up, and without a congestion of tourists, March is a particularly pleasant time to visit Lanzarote, and if your trip is accompanied with historical and cultural yearnings, then be sure to put Teguise Carnival 2012 on your itinerary.

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04 Dec

The Arrecife Carnival 2012

Arrecife’s Carnival Lanzarote – Experience an unforgettable Valentine’s Day in 2012.

Want an extra-special Valentine’s Day in 2012? Then why not head to Lanzarote in February, where not only will you be amorously seduced by the island’s stunning landscapes and romantic sunsets, but you will also be culturally-inspired by the Arrecife carnival 2012.

This annual event takes place in mid-February and comprises of an eclectic mix of dancing, drag costumes, floats, food, fireworks and many other festive delights unique to this captivating island, including the unforgettable burning of the sardine, which takes place on this last night of the fiesta.

Popular with couples, pensioners, students and children, the Arrecife Carnival attracts all ages, ethnicities and tastes, although with a competition for the ‘children’s Carnival Queen’ taking place each year, there is a particular emphasis on children. As well as a child being crowned ‘King or Queen of the Carnival’, the event boasts a different theme each year, with visitors fervently competing, often in hilariously fun costumes, to don the wackiest and finest costume that outshines the others and emphasises the theme in a particularly unique fashion.

In 2010, for example, the theme was based on Michael Jackson and paid tribute to the ‘King of Pop’. Thousands of Michael Jackson lookalikes gathered on the streets of Lanzarote, unravelling Jackson’s phenomenal five-decade long career.

Many of the spectacular shows that take place during this week-long fiesta, including the burying of the sardine ash, are held in the Recinto Ferial, Arrecife’s main arena.

If the interesting town of Arrecife, which first appeared on maps during the 1400s as a tiny fishing harbour, fails to seduce you with its natural charm, in which its maritime roots are still starkly evident, you can guarantee that the Arrecife Carnival 2012 will – Providing an unforgettable Valentine experience.

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