27 Nov
Lanzorote Mountain Road

Lanzarote-Fuerteventura Mototrans 2015: A two island motorbike challenge

If you are a young gun, born-again biker or in love with two wheels, this may be just for you. Following the concept of the famous Paris – Dakar endurance race, the annual Lanzarote-Fuerteventura Mototrans aims to challenge riders in navigational and endurance qualities, along with the ability to work as a team.

Lanzorote Mountain Road

Two days of dirt track riding through rock strewn valleys, up mountains, and through winding ravines, is no easy competition. The days are long, often taking over 10 hours or more, and participants will really know they have been physically pounded by the end!

The race is very popular and entrance numbers are always high. This is not for your average road bike or weekend motorcyclist. Some degree of experience competing would be a distinct advantage, and the bike would need to be able to cope with the terrain, for instance trial or endure bikes would be required.

Teams consist of 2 or 3 people who set off at regular timed intervals. Along the route there are checkpoints and provisioning facilities. The course is 500 km plus in length and stretches across two separate islands.

The start is intense, with steep slopes leading up to the Mirador del de Cesar Manrique, with its magnificent views of Lanzarote stretched out below. The descent over sand and gravel tracks brings the competitors back to the coast and a welcome meal at the campsite. The last boat leaves for the other island at 19:00 hrs and the second day is a north to south ride across Fuerteventura.

To respect the environment, the course is strictly laid out and participants are expected to stay within the confines of the route. It is hoped that a balance is achieved between recreational use of the motorcycle and nature conservation. The islands recognise the economic benefit of attracting large crowds, without spoiling the environment.

For more information about how the thrilling Lanzarote-Fuerteventura Mototrans is getting on this year, and how next year’s race is shaping up, visit the official website.