08 Mar
Carob Tree Cottage

Experience the natural splendour of Crete at Carob Tree Cottage

If you are looking for quality accommodation on the beautiful island of Crete for a party of between two and four, you may be interested in Carob Tree Cottage. This tastefully restored two-bedroom, two-bathroom stone cottage is hidden away in the bucolic tranquillity of stunning Cretan countryside, yet is just a ten-minute drive from great

04 Jan
No1 Old Vineyard

Experience Crete at it most charming at the No1 Old Vineyard

The sun-drenched and laid back island of Crete has long been a popular tourist destination for those seeking a relaxing and culturally-uplifting holiday. If you are thinking about visiting Crete and are wanting high-quality, self-catering accommodation, why not stay at the beautiful villa known as No1 Old Vineyard?