13 May

Summer Sensual Days Festival 2014 – Istria at its most passionate

When the sun sets over the sea, beyond the beautiful coastal town of Rovinj, on the heart-shaped peninsula of Istria, lovers dance to the erotic beats of the ‘Bachata’.

This romantic style of dancing, which is much slower than the salsa, was developed in the Dominican Republic. In Rovinj in late June the ‘Bachata’ is revived with warmth and passion.

Sound’s appealing? Aptly titled Summer Sensual Days, this international festival of sensual dances is taking place from June 20 – 22, 2014.  The festival puts a whole new perspective of the joys of dancing, in which visitors can take part on Caribbean and Latin dances, including the Bachata, Kizomba, the Zouk and many more.  This eye-opening festival is hosted by the creators of the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival in collaboration with Salsa Adria Productions.

Combing a passion for dance with sun, music, beautiful beaches, a Mediterranean climate, top-notch cuisine and stunning scenery, Summer Sensual Days, has all the hallmarks of a weekend to remember. Great music will be played in abundance by top drawer bands from far away lands who are gifted in the fine art of compelling people to shake those hips. Top of the bill are ‘Grupo Extra’.  This slick and steamy band is hugely popular in Spain, Italy and France.

Rovinj is a fantastic little town. In many ways it epitomises Croatian beauty, with its classic red tiled roofs, meandering cobbled streets and restaurants being lapped  by the Mediterranean Sea.  Visiting this picturesque place is quite simply a must for anyone in Istria. And if you happen to be  on the peninsula in on the weekend of June20 – 22, then you know where to head to if you want to shake those hips Latino style.

Check out the whole Summer Sensual Days story by visiting the website: http://www.summersensual.com/the_story


26 May

New music festival in Croatia – Terraneao Festival

Terraneao Festival on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast – A debut that promises to be a corker! You can forget about Glastonbury, Woodstock and Benicassim, as Croatia seems to be growing as being the hub for inspirational and charismatic music festivals.

The latest music festival in Croatia to join an already electrifying summer calendar of Croatian music festivals is the Terraneao Festival, to be held in the heart of the stunning Dalmatian coast.

This three-day event will take place from 7 – 9 August this year in a disused military facility close to the historical town of Sibenik, where the River Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. What promises to be a mind-blowing opener is to feature more than 120 artists who will pump out their musical ingenious into the warm Croatian summertime air from one of five stages.

Asides many live performances and DJ sets from artists around the world, there will be exhibitions, workshops and lectures about ecology, endless entertainment, not to mention basking in the sun.

Although what makes this music festival in Croatia wholly unique, is the fact that as well providing non-stop entertainment to all its attendees, the Terraneao Festival also aims to develop the notion of “socially responsible and environmentally conscious entertainment,” hence the presence of ecology workshops and lectures and to promote the beauty of the area.

Like much of Croatia, the Dalmatian coast is exceptionally beautiful and if anywhere deserves to host a festival that strives to promote its picturesque surroundings; it is the Dalmatian coastline, which lies on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea.

In holding what promises to be another well-attended and fashionable summer musical event, the Terraneo Festival will present the picturesque town of Sibenik and this part of Croatia as a sought-after and attractive tourist attraction that caters for those looking to become absorbed in the most beautiful of surroundings and for those looking to be entertained to the most highest quality in the warm August sunshine in equal proportions.

The acts to have been confirmed for the debut Terraneo Festival include Calexio, the Bots, My Bloody Valentine, Postolar, Tripper, Icarus Dawn, Svi Na Pod, Azealia Banks and Kawasaki 3P.

More information about what promises to mark the beginning of a new sought-after component of Croatia’s increasingly hectic music events calendar, can be found at www.terraneofestival.com



25 Sep

The Truffle festivals of Istria

Truffles galore – Istria and its string of truffle-related events! The Croatian region of Istria is a breathtaking place to be all year round, where driving through the verdurous hills, valleys and woodland will leave you invigorated and spellbound, and wondering why you haven’t visited Istria until now!

Although it is during the autumn, when this densely forested area resembles a golden shrine and the truffle hunting season truly kicks in. in fact Istrian truffles are known as being the best truffles in the world and to experience these world-renowned truffles at their very best, the autumn is the time to travel to Istria.

To celebrate its highly celebrated white truffle season, a string of truffle-related festivals take place during the autumn in Istria, an area of Croatia that is a particularly truffle-rich region.

The Truffle festivals of Istria are fun and well-attended. Authentic truffle festivals include the “Subotina” festival in the town of Buzet, the main highlight being a giant omelette that is made with 2012 eggs and 10kg of truffles, also in Buzet is the annual “Weekend of Truffles”, the “Tuber fest” in the village of Livade, the “Alpe Adria Folk Fest”, which is predominantly focused on black truffles, and the “Teta” festival which is held in year in Motovun.

During the month of October many culinary tours take place in Istria that are primarily focussed on both black and white truffles and the delicious concoctions these exquisite delicacies create. During these fascinating gastronomic tours, visitors are taken into the heart of Istria and are taught the art of truffle hunting and the many secrets and legends involving the world’s most expensive mushroom’s ancient history in Istria.

Within these magical truffle tours, visitors visit some of the most impressive towns of Istria, such as Motovun and Opatija, where a tour guide will enlighten them into the fascinating Istrian cities’ remarkable histories.

Needless to say, the main ingredient on the menu on an Istrian truffle tour, is truffles!



16 Aug

The Outlook Festival 2012 in Croatia

The Outlook Festival 2012 and Croatia’s sensational music festival scene!

The stunningly picturesque and scenically diverse nation of Croatia is emerging as a top European holiday destination for many reasons. From its friendly, laidback and welcoming locals, to offering an less expensive alternative to many other European resort, to possessing breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, it is not different to gage why more and more people are choosing to holiday in Croatia.

Although another reason why this great nation is becoming a hotspot for tourists, is because of Croatia’s rapidly developing music scene and hectic year-round musical events calendar. The many music festivals Croatia puts on throughout the year showcases, not only top class musical acts and performers emerging out of Croatia, but also leading international artists who are more than pleased to perform at these popular and well-attended musical events.

From pop festivals such as the legendary Split Festival, which, having begun in 1960, is one of the oldest Croatian music festivals and is held annually in Split, to the popular Zlatne Zice Slavonije folk festival, which is put on each year in Pozega either in late August or early September, to the legendary rock festival, Hartera, which is held in former factory halls in Rijeka, Croatia is home to a diverse musical festival scene that caters for many different musical quirks and tastes.

If you are a fan of electronic music and thinking about taking a trip to the particularly stunning region of Istria in Croatia some time soon, you may be interested in attending the Outlook Festival 2012, which is growing in popularity and prestige with each passing year.

From 30 August until 3 September the Outlook Festival 2012 will be taking place in Fort Punta Christo in Pula, Croatia. This legendary annual music festival is held in the atmospheric grounds of the Fort Punta Christo, which was built in the mid 19th century as one of more than a dozen forts that were built on various peninsulas surrounding the city of Pula.

If you fancy partying until dawn in the truly unique setting of Fort Punta Christo and its surrounding beaches, with sound pumping out from stages and speakers erected in various tunnels and even in the moat of the derelict fort, then be sure to head to would could possibly be Istria’s most exciting music festival.




03 Jun
The Croatian Summer Salsa Festival

The Croatian Summer Salsa Festival in Rovinj

Rovinj and its relaxing qualities interrupted by the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival! With narrow cobbled streets winding towards quant and picturesque squares, a impressive cathedral and the highest tower in the whole of Istria standing at a mighty 61 metres high, the town of Rovinj in Istria has to be one of Croatia’s most spectacular and interesting of towns.

What was originally an island off mainland Croatia, approximately 250 years ago, the narrow channel that had separated it from the mainland was filled in, meaning Rovinj and Croatia’s landmass were joined.

Roviji has many sites of interest, three of the biggest being the Church of St. Euphemia, the largest Baroque building in Istria, the Balbi Arch, which was built in 1680 when it stood as a grand entrance to Rovinj, and the Ulica Grisia, which is one of the main thoroughfares through the old part of Rovinj town.

Asides visiting the many ancient, impressive and inspiring buildings and sites that Rovinj has managed to maintain over the centuries, another pleasant diversion in this captivating town is to sit at the port in the morning, watching Rovinj slowly start its daily life such as watching the fishermen bringing in their daily catch, a pleasure that is even more enjoyable if you plan to eat such fresh and delicious seafood for lunch later on in one of Rovinj’s superb seafood restaurants.

If such simple pleasures appeal to you then perhaps learning that one of Croatia’s most hedonistic and lively events is held on Rovinj’s streets each year, may shatter such images of simple tranquillity that have been built up in your mind.

However if your Croatian holiday venture comes with an urge to party to dawn you may be more excited to hear about the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival.

From 19 – 24th June 2012, the beautiful town of Rovinj will be holding the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival. This ginormous open-air summer Rovinj festival lasts for seven days and seven nights where only the city is the dance floor, and is one of the most lively and memorable events on the Croatian annual festival calendar.

2012 celebrates the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival’s eighth year. This unique mix of sea, sun and salsa sees dancers and Latin and Cuban music lovers from all round the world flock to Rovinj’s streets to experience a party like no other.

If partying until dawn to rhythmic Latin beats and spending leisurely days lazing next to the Med surrounded by scenery at its most beautiful sounds like a holiday not to be missed, then be sure to put ‘Rovinj festival’ in your calendar on the 19 – 24 June this year!



14 May
The Pula Film Festival

Istria – It’s the place to be this July for Croatia festival 2012

The summer is just around the corner and with the fragrant scent of summer beckoning, thoughts of our impending summer holiday begin to dominate our thoughts.

Istria in Croatia is rapidly becoming a popular destination for holidaymakers of all kinds of nationalities and ages, for many reasons. Friendly locals, reasonable prices, lush, rugged and diverse landscapes, beautiful beaches and ancient villages and towns bursting with historic wonders, means Istria is a European holiday hotspot.

Oh yes, and one more reason – the plethora of events and carnivals and Croatia festival 2012, which take place across the region throughout the year.

Take a look at three great events taking place in Istria in July alone.

The Pula Film Festival

From 14 – 28 July, 2012, the Pula Film Festival will be taking place, which, being now in its 59th year is the oldest festival of its kind in the whole of Croatia.

Films of all genres, lengths, age-groups and tastes are put on at various venues across Pula during this two-week festival, including the town’s magnificent amphitheatre.

The festival will commence at the fortress Kastel with what promises to be a sensational open-air show.

This highly cultural and atmospheric festival is the perfect opportunity to experience this stunning Roman town, which was built at the end of a beautiful bay.

Seasplash Reggae Festival

If reggae music gets your musical juices flowing then be sure to attend the Seasplash Reggae Festival, also held in the fascinating town of Pula.

Running from 19 – 22 July, 2012, Pula will be home to a host of reggae bands from around the world, attracting an audience as culturally diverse as the festival’s performers.

This year, the Seasplash Reggae Festival will be celebrating its ten-year anniversary, so be prepared for some extra-memorable and hedonistic celebrations!

Croatia Open ATP Tennis Tournament

For the more sports-minded amongst us, a trip to Istria to witness the Croatia Open Tennis Tournament might be more up your street.

Taking place between 5 and 15 July, 2012, in the coastal city of Umag, this annual tennis event attracts top-class tennis players from around the world. Last year saw the Ukrainian ace, Alexandr Dolgopolov win the men’s event.

Although unlike many other large tennis tournaments, there is a huge emphasis on ‘having fun’ at the Croatia Open ATP Tennis Tournament, with many fun events put on for all the family!



15 Mar

Istria’s Rovinj and the Etno Film Festival 2012

There is a common accord among many travel writers and authors about Croatia that Rovinj in Istria is one of the most attractive and beautiful towns on the Mediterranean. Now given the sheer volume of exquisite, beautiful and utopic towns the Mediterranean is blessed with, this extensively established remark about Rovinj is really quite a compliment!

In radiating so much beauty, charm, history and culture, whereby stone-paved streets are overshadowed by Renaissance town walls, inspiring architecture, stunning churches and a mass of roof terraces, Rovinj attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

From admiring the colourful underwater world of the Adriatic seabed at the Rovinj Aquarium, to visiting the town’s museum, which often features modern art exhibitions, there is plenty for visitors to do and see in Rovinj.

One ‘unmissable’ Rovinj site is going to see the baptismal font of the Holy Spirit. This hexagonal-shaped building is the oldest relic remaining in the beautiful Lokva Square.

Rovinj’s Franciscan Monastery is another ‘must see’. Created in the 18th century with an entirely Baroque style, this magnificent monastery and church contains a museum and library.

Asides the hordes of ancient and architectural marvels that lure travellers from all over the world to its quaint and interesting streets, Rovinj is home to many remarkable events throughout the year. One such stimulating event is the Etno Film Festival 2012, which is held in Rovinj every year at the beginning of April.

This free event features numerable Croatian and international ethnographic and documentary films. Many of the films that are selected to be shown at the Etno Film Festival 2012 deal with the contentious issue of ethnic identity and integration, as seen through the eyes of directors from across the globe.

Accompanying the many film screenings put on during the festival, presentations are made by leading figures of contemporary Croatian and international film, as well as music performances and an evening concert.

For more information on the Ethno Film Festival 2012 visit the official website at etnofilm.com.




22 Nov

Spilt Carnival 2012

Spilt Carnival 2012 – Majestically mesmerising! If you are looking to embark on a charming winter getaway then let the city of Split in Croatia beckon you.

This effervescent city touches upon a little of everything – Chic apartments, a spectacular walled palace, pre-Christian sphinxes, cosy bars, pavement cafes, fashionable shops and lively markets, it’s no wonder tourists flock to split in the droves.

On top of it eclectic mix of attractions, shops, architecture and eateries, Split has a vibrant cultural events scene, with the Split Carnival, held in February each year, being one of the biggest and most energetic outdoor event taking place in this hypnotically addictive city.

On February 22, 2012, Split will become even more animated and buzzing than normal, as music, costumes, parades and shows will fill the streets. With exciting pyrotechnic shows and various themed events, the Split Carnival 2012 will be a party for all the family, and the Croatians certainly know how to throw a party!

The two-day event attracts a multi-cultured crowd of all ages as they flock to Split to participate in the merriments. The “Spli’ski Krnjeval” – Split Carnival – is organised by the “Hram” cultural association, which invites all of the residents of Split to attend the festival to drink wine, eat traditional Croatian “Fritule” – fritters – and dance the night away.

After dark, the music and dancing is accompanied by a spellbinding display of fireworks, which momentarily cast neon shades over the city’s ancient remnants built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who built the palace as a retirement home.

Children are also at the heart of the Split Carnival 2012, and a few days before the event begins, there is a children’s carnival, whereby the little ones don their own costumes and masks and head their own procession.

The Split Carnival really is a joyous and memorable occasion, and one which makes February perhaps the most perfect time to embark on your magical journey to Croatia.


26 Oct

Oz Clarke and wine in Istria

Oz Clarke puts Croatia firmly on the worldwide map of producing quality wine.

Unlike Bordeaux in France or Rioja in Spain, when one thinks of Istria in Croatia wine does not immediately spring to mind. Instead thoughts of the most beautiful beaches in world set against a backdrop of lush, dynamic and verdurous landscapes, dominate the images building up in one’s mind.

Wine in Istria is, however, gaining prominence throughout the world, with the four main wine producing regions in Istria – Buje, Porec, Rovinj and Pazin – producing some top-notch wine to rival any full-bodied red created in Rioja or crisp and light Sauvignon Blanc made in Bordeaux.

To celebrate Croatia’s growing eminence in the wine industry, the Croatian Wine Fair 2011 was held on 8 September this year at the Delfina Event Centre in London.  Attending the event was British wine writer and broadcaster Oz Clarke, one of the world’s most formidable, best-loved and knowledgeable wine experts, whose ‘no-nonsense’ approach has elevated him to a celebrity-like status.

Amongst the wine in Istria being tasted at the fair, imported and exhibited by many of the Croatia’s leading winemakers, whose aim is to introduce the diverse range of wines Croatia has to offer, was Croatian Fine Wines Limited, a Swansea based company, who has its wine imported from Croatia.

Talking about how Oz Clarke devoured every wine Croatian Fine Wines Ltd had on its table, James Waddell, the company’s managing director said:

“This was our first trade event. We had already done tastings during the day for many wines buyers, including two major supermarkets, and journalists and were starting to pack up when Oz Clarke came over and wanted to taste all the wines on the table.”

“Oz was very friendly. He particularly liked the Cabernet Franc 2007, Malvazija 2010 and Teran 2008 from the Franc Arman estate and the Chardonnay 2010, Pinot Bijeli (white) 2010 and Sauvignon Blanc 2010 from the Pilato estate in Western Istria,” continued Mr Waddell.

The Croatian Wine Fair 2011 and particularly the enthusiasm Oz Clarke showed towards the wine Croatian Fine Wines Ltd had on offer, produced mostly in Istria, as he eagerly consumed every last drop, will surely help give wine in Istria the reputation it deserves.


25 Aug

Croatia Outlook Festival 2011

From September 1 until September 4, 2011, the Outlook Festival will be taking place at Fort Punta Christo in Pula, Croatia.

Having been cited as being “The best four days of bass music in Europe, if not the world” and with previous Outlook Festival attendees describing the event as , “Without a doubt the most unique festival I have ever experienced, and quite possibly the best,” Europe’s largest bass music and soundsystem culture festival, really is something to experience.

Part of the Outlook Festival’s unique charm, asides from its sensational music, is its setting.

Held in an abandoned 18th century fort in the town of Pula in the beautiful and culturally inspiring region of Istria, surrounded by the ocean, the festival’s location is the perfect spot for soaking up some sun-drenched bass music partying.

The Outlook Festival is growing in popularity and worldwide prominence each year, attracting an international and cosmopolitan bunch of visitors. Now in its fourth year, the Outlook Festival 2011 looks set to rock Fort Punta Christa like never before with a truly tremendous line-up.

174 artists from the Drum & Bass, Garage & Techno, Dub & Reggae, Hip Hop & Grime and the Electronica & Beats genres, will adorn a more than receptive crowd, dancing and basking in the Croatian sun.

These artists include Barrington Levy. Distance, Kode9, Pharoache Monch, Benga, Rockwell, Skream, Shy FX, Scuba, and many, many more.

The Outlook Festival 2011 is just one of a string of music and film festivals being held in Croatia this summer and autumn. From August 27 until September 8, the Julian Rachlin & friend’s festival of chamber music, which features many celebrated musicians from around the world and is led by Australian violinist Julian Rachlin, will take place in Dubrovnik.

Whilst from September 10 – 17, the Split Film Festival is taking place in Split, showcasing new films from around the world.

In mid-October Zagreb will play host to the Zagreb International Chamber Music Festival whereby various classical concerts take place in the city.

In November the seventh VIP Zagreb Jazz Festival is due to take place with various top international jazz artists showcasing their talents at the Zagreb Youth Theatre.