15 Oct
Charming hillside villages of Italy, Umbria. Narni

Exploring Umbria’s beautiful Terni province

The province of Terni is the smaller of Umbria’s two provinces and lies at the southern tip of the region. Its capital is the bustling city, and namesake of the region, Terni. With an intriguing combination of old and new, combining contemporary features and facilities with a charming Old Town, Terni is hailed as the ‘Italian City of Manchester’.







16 Dec
Gubbio, Umbria

Top five things to do in Umbria

Excellent food, brilliant wines, breathtaking scenery, ancient villages and classic towns, it’s safe to say Umbria in Italy is a fantastic place to visit. Augmenting Umbria’s appeal is the fact the region has managed to stayed free from excessive pandering to tourism. It actually does not have a coastline, so beach lounging is out. This has allowed it to stay authentic and resistant to too much change in recent years. The locals tend to be sympathetic, friendly and generally very helpful to the puzzled explorer clutching a map!