07 Sep
Fortress at Castiglione del Lago on the Shore of Lake Trasimeno

Things to in Italy’s beautiful Castiglione del Lago

Castiglione del Lago is a beautiful village that lies on the western shores of Lake Trasimeno to the north-east of Umbria in Italy. Such is the beauty of this mesmerising town, that it is officially listed as ‘one of the most beautiful villages in Italy’.

Fortress at Castiglione del Lago on the Shore of Lake Trasimeno

If you are heading to Umbria’s beguiling Castiglione del Lago, take a look at the following three memorable things to do in this ancient town.

Visit the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena

Castiglione del Lago is home to many awe-inspiring ancient and religious buildings, including the beautiful Church of Santa Maria Maddalena. The church was built in the early 1800s, on the ruins of a medieval church. This inspiring religious structure is home to frescoes by Pier Mariano Vittori, created in 1817 – 1888, in collaboration with Alceste Ricci. A particularly engaging focal point in the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena is the altarpiece which depicts the ‘Madonna and Child, St. Anthony Abbot and Saint Mary Magdalene,’ which was painted by Eusebio da San Georgio in 1500.

Marvel at the Della Corgna Palace

Another unmissable site of Castiglione del Lago is the incredible Della Corgna Palace. This beautiful palace was built from 1500 – 1572, by Galeazzo Alessi and was eventually completed by Diomede. The palace stretches across four floors brimming with elaborate frescoes, some of which celebrate the marriage of the Duke Diomedes and Portia Colonna.

Wander round the Castiglione del Lago market

The weekly market at Castiglione del Lago takes place on a Wednesday and is the perfect place to pick up local produce and items and become acquainted with the friendly locals and authentic way of life in this traditional Umbrian village.

This bustling weekly market sells everything from fruit and vegetables to cooking utensils, clothes and shoes, flowers and deliciously fragrant herbs and spices.

Following a morning shopping in this well-attended market, enjoy a leisurely lunch in one of the many quality restaurants or bars that line Castiglione del Lago’s quaint streets and squares.