08 Jun
Brittany's Blue Fishing Nets Festival in Brittany

Discover Brittany’s Blue Fishing Nets Festival this August

If there is one thing Brittany is renowned for it is its vast array of colourful, traditional and totally unique festivals. Not a month, or even a week, goes by without some kind of vibrant and traditional event taking place in this culturally autonomous region of France. The Festival of Blue Nets is one such

27 Apr

The Brittany Summer Jazz Festival 2014 in Vannes

If you’re into listening to cool and sophisticated music in the most compelling of surroundings, why not visit the Brittany Summer Jazz Festival in Vannes? The festival runs from 28 July – 2August. The walled town of Vannes, which has been dubbed as being the most attractive sights in Brittany, comes alive with the sounds

10 Jan
music festivals in Brittany

Les Hiverautes festival 2013 & Panoramas Festival 2013 – Just two music festivals in Brittany

Brittany and its brilliant love-affair with music festivals! Music festivals in Brittany take place throughout the year, in fact there is rarely a weekend in the province when some kind of musical event is not livening up the crisp and clear Breton air. Les Hiverautes festival 2013 Ensuring springtime on Brittany gets off to a rocking

25 Jan

Festival of Brittany 2012

There’s no time quite as appropriate for planning your holidays as in January, for the simple reason that in January we all seem to need a bit of cheering up. For those of you who cannot wait a whole seven or eight months to go and holiday and like to take a break abroad in