30 Sep
European Short Film Festival

Looking for something different to do in November? Visit the European Short Film Festival in Brest

November can be a cold, dark and long month, as we patiently wait for Christmas to arrive. Why not do something different this November by crossing the Channel and heading to the culturally autonomous land of Brittany? If you’re really looking for an excuse to visit Brittany this November, you could always go to the European Short Film Festival in Brest.

European Short Film Festival

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of this popular cultural event. From 10 – 15 November the town of Brest invites people on a journey to discover a wealth of short film productions from each corner of Europe.

In 2013 another dimension was introduced to this long-standing film festival – the OVNI competition, which aims to encourage and celebrate innovative filmmaking that takes risks and is centred on expressing freedom and creativity.

Throughout the festival, numerous different themes are acknowledged and celebrated, including Brest Off and Made in Beihz, a series of short films that focus on the region of Brest.

To help ensure the European Short Film Festival is as diverse and cinematically varied as possible, organisers encourage collaboration and participation of film schools and national cinematic broadcasting organisations.

The Animation Panorama programme enables visitors to get a snippet of some of the finest animations being created in Europe today and the latest innovations used to create these compelling animations.

Through three Young Audience Programmes the European Short Film Festival encourages youngsters as young as three years old to get involved with the thrill of filmmaking and cinema.

There are many reasons to visit the naval port of Brest, which is nestled in one of France’s most elegant natural harbours. However, if you want to discover new encounters, experiences and exchanges related to European cinema, heading to Brest between the 10th and 15th of November provides you with the perfect opportunity.

Visit the Film Court France website for more information on the 30th Brest European Short Film Festival.