05 Mar
Smashing pots in Corfu

Smashing pots in Corfu this Easter 2012

Smashing pots in Corfu – Experience Easter with a difference! Here at Vintage Travel we like to inform our readers of all kinds of bizarre and wacky events taking place around Europe, although we have to admit this one takes some beating. If you are looking to experience Easter 2012 with a difference, then look no


22 Dec

1821 Memorial Parade Crete

Greece’s fiscal crisis may be showing little signs of becoming resolved but that doesn’t seem to stop the nation’s insatiable thirst to celebrate the country’s tremendously inspirational history. The island of Crete, besides having a 1000 kilometre-long coastline, sporadically covered in coves, peninsulas and bays, boasting soft, yellow sand, certainly is no exception when it


08 Dec

New Years Eve in Rhodes 2011

Be blessed with a fruitful New Year on the island of Rhodes. Being usually sunny, having an under-average rainfall and with temperatures often reaching over 20-degrees Celsius, one could do a lot worse than spending New Years eve in Rhodes 2011. Although whilst even on the sunny Greek islands the weather cannot be guaranteed, the



22 Oct

Cheese Eating Sunday Corfu 2012!

Cheese Eating Sunday in Corfu Town! Just another reason to visit Corfu in 2012! Cheese lovers of the world unite in Corfu in mid-February 2012! The Greeks don’t need much excuse to throw a party, particularly on the island of Corfu. When Corfu Town therefore throws a festival named Cheese Eating Sunday, nobody bats an