16 Oct
What gives the cuisine of Provence its unique flavour?

What gives the cuisine of Provence its unique flavour?

With a mild, sunny climate all year round, glamorous cities, traditional towns, stunning beaches and breathtakingly beautiful scenery, Provence is justifiably synonymous with the good life.

What gives the cuisine of Provence its unique flavour?

One aspect of life on this beguiling corner of south-east France that is truly distinct, rich and delectable, is its cuisine.

But just what gives the cuisine of Provence its unique flavour?


Herbes de Provence

Chefs in Provence don’t hold back when it comes to throwing flavoursome herbs into their cooking. Herbes de Provence, comprising of lashings of chives, basil, coriander, caraway, dill, juniper, Cumin, geranium and scallion, are a staple of virtually every dish and help make the cuisine in the region so distinct and mouth-watering.


Fresher than fresh seafood

Fish and seafood lovers are in for a treat in this gastronomically distinct region of France. Provence is home to wonderful seafood restaurants in virtually every city and town.

From French fish soup made with the catch of the day, to incredibly fresh scallops served with Mediterranean vegetables, you don’t have to travel far before you stumble into a market, shop or restaurant serving deliciously fresh fish and seafood in Provence.


Incredibly tasty berries

The people of Provence take their desserts extremely seriously, and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll certainly get a memorable sugar fix in this part of France.

One key ingredient in the desserts of Provence is berries. Deliciously rich and flavoursome berries are piled into desserts like handmade ice-cream, jams and tarts and served in the patisseries, cafes and restaurants that line the streets in almost every city, town and village in Provence.