01 May

Discover Tuscany’s hidden side: The unspoilt Garfagnana

Tuscany is a wonderful part of the world to visit, and no more so than the mountainous region to the north known as the Garfagnana. With rolling hills, the Serchio River where water rushes through the lush green valleys, wooded areas and traditional old villages, many perched on high vantage points, this part of Tuscany


24 Mar
Medici Fortress. Sansepolcro. Italy.

Exploring Tuscany’s Sansepolcro

Sansepolcro is a hidden gem that nestles close to La Mancha and Umbria on Tuscany’s border. This traditional, medieval town, boasts honey stone buildings, palaces and piazzas, and is extremely well-preserved, reminiscent of bygone ages. Sansepolcro nestles on flat land in the upper Tiber valley, which makes it easier to walk around, unlike many of


13 Jan

Why Tuscany is a photographer’s haven

Coming home with great fun photos of your holiday is all part and parcel of a good trip. However you may be more seriously interested in recording the wonderful areas you visit, and taking the best shots possible with your equipment. This is when choosing a good location is important. There are many wonderful places


07 Nov
Garfagnana, Tuscany, Italy - Vagli di Sotto village on Lago di Vagli, Vagli lake

Discovering Garfagnana: One of Tuscany’s ‘undiscovered’ beauty spots

The Garfagnana is a mountainous region in the north-western part of Tuscany. It comprises of a beautifully wild, broad valley covered in woods and dotted with picture perfect villages. Garfagnana has two natural parks: the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps and the National Park of the Tosco-Emiliano Apennines. This area of rolling hills and vineyards has


10 Oct

Exploring the Beautiful villages of Tuscany

Everywhere you go in Tuscany there are enchanting towns, villages, hills, castles and vineyards. In fact, one of the best things about Tuscany is getting lost on the small roads and discovering new hidden gems, and beautiful and historic places where we you feel a timeless atmosphere, different from everywhere else in the world. Here


16 Sep
San Gimignano

Discovering the stunning Tuscan countryside

Tuscany is one of the most visited Italian regions, and for good reason. Tourists are infatuated with its history, culture, cities, small villages, hills covered with vineyards that give us some of the most famous wines in the world, as well as artistically rustic villas and farmhouses set amongst wonderful countryside and dramatic coastline.



09 May
Siena Cathedral

What makes Siena Cathedral so special? 

Many Cathedrals look impressive from the outside, but fail to impress or are too austere or ostentatious on the inside, but not the stunning cathedral of Siena. The ‘Duomo di Siena’ as it is known in Italian, has the form of a Latin cross, with a dome, transept and bell tower. The lantern on top