03 Apr
Las Alpujarras

Why Andalucia’s Alpujarras are a magical place to visit

Dominated by the Spanish Muslims, for many centuries Andalucía and the Alpujarras were considered to be the poor man’s part of Spain, owned by absent landlords. Poor farmers had a tough life on the land. In more recent times, however, the Alpujarras’ fortunes have changed and the area is known for its wonderful landscape, likened


17 Feb

Gems to be found off the beaten track in Andalucía

The sun-scorched lands of Andalucía in southern Spain are brimming with secret gems, quirky sites and off-the-beaten-track delights. Vintage Travel explores some of Andalucía’s lesser-known treasures. Cave houses You may not fancy living in one, but the cave houses of Andalucía are well worth a visit. You can stand on a hill amongst numerous white




19 Sep
Plaza de Espana, Sevilla, Spain

Seville: A city you just have to visit

Often described as ‘the most charming city in Spain’, with its unique Moorish and Christian heritage everywhere you look, Seville in Andalusia is a city you simply have to visit. A city of beautiful streets full of culture, a cathedral with its bell tower of Giralda, the stunning Lebrija Palace, the Royal Alcazar Moorish fortress,





25 Mar
Spring in Andalucía

Andalucian highlights in the spring

Spring in Andalucía is like the awakening of body, soul and the land, in the vibrant country of Spain. It is the time of colour and fiestas, where people come together to celebrate the end of winter, not that it was ever that cold! Not only people, but the countryside awakens, it’s time to visit