23 Mar
Art in Tuscany

Art in Tuscany and the D’apres Canova exhibition 2012

Tuscany’s D’apres Canova exhibition – Exploring 19th century neoclassic Italian art. From the Romans to the Renaissance, Tuscany is one of the greatest fountains of art in the world. From awe-inspiring paintings, majestic murals, architectural masterpieces to truly sublime sculptures, for centuries, travellers have been arriving in Tuscany in search of fine art and stimulating


19 Mar
Easter in Italy

Gaeta and Easter in Italy

Visit the graceful city of Gaeta for the Easter Monday ‘Pasquetta’ With seven beautiful beaches, friendly and hospitable locals, legendary cuisine, particularly seafood may we add, sites of historical importance scattered amid admirable architecture; it is hardly surprising that the ancient seaside town of Gaeta in the southern Italian region of Lazio boasts a roaring



24 Oct

New Years Eve Opera in Tuscany

Right now is the best time to start thinking about your New Year escape as leaving it to the last minute may mean you will miss out on all the best tickets in town. If you are deliberating where to go this New Year, let us draw your attention to Lucca. This unspoilt Tuscan town


20 Sep

Eurochocolate Festival 2011 in Perugia

Chocoholics unite at the Eurochocolate Festival 2011 in Perugia, the ‘Chocolate City’. The hillside town of Perugia in Umbria, central Italy, has a lot to offer. With a history dating back to the ninth century BC, this walled town is steeped in history. Although despite being a fantastic place to learn about Italian history and


23 Jun

Summer Music Festival in Italy

Lucca, the Summer Music Festival and Tuscany 5 bedroom Villa Ripiano – Your summer holiday starts here! You never need an excuse to visit Tuscany. With its stunning and deeply varied countryside, landscapes brimming with Renaissance masterpieces, whilst possessing a style and affluence typical of Italy, Tuscany blends tradition and history with modern European culture,





29 Dec

iL Capodanno – New Year’s in Italy 2010

Looking for somewhere different for New Years Eve? Italy’s iL Capodanno (beginning of the new year) will hit the spot! The Italians rarely need an excuse to party, so when New Year’s Eve ascends on the world, Italy explodes into a land of excitement, revelry and light-hearted debauchery….Excellent!   Food, naturally, plays a leading role in Italian New