20 Feb
activities in Rhodes in Spring

Activities in Rhodes in Spring

“She has come, the swallow has come, bringing fine seasons and fine years, white on her belly, black on her back.”

activities in Rhodes in Spring

These words are from the ‘Swallow Song of Rhodes’, one of the most famous songs of Ancient Greek folk song, and one that is still performed by the children of Rhodes every springtime.  In Greece, as in many parts of Europe, the advent of the swallow marks the beginning of spring, a sign of hope, fertility and life.

Rhodes, with children across the island singing this song with fervour and passion, is a spectacular place to visit during the spring, particularly when you consider what activities you can do on this beautifully picturesque island. Take a look at three great activities in Rhodes in Spring.


Ever since the 1930s when a cycling track was introduced on the island, cycling has been a popular sport on Rhodes, with there being numerable guided and self-guided tours put on across the island. Being warm but not excessively hot, and with colour, life and sweet-smelling fragrances sprouting across the island, the spring is possibly the best time to explore this fascinating island by bike.

With the island’s enthusiasm for cycling firmly established, a plethora of paths that cater superbly for cyclists run throughout the island, enabling cyclists to witness the exceptional beauty and diversity of the island from the saddle.

Boat trips and sailing

With its fantastic spring climate and ideal wind conditions, sailing enthusiasts can take to waters earlier on Rhodes than they are able to in many other European destinations. From cruises on skippered yachts to ferry rides, to neighboured Kos, Symi and even Turkey, to leisurely boat trips on catamarans across the crystal-clear waters that surround the island, Rhodes can only be described as a sailor’s paradise, particularly during the spring.

A visit to Rhodes Town

Admittedly, a visit to Rhodes Town can be accomplished any time of the year, but without the crowds of tourists the summer months attract and with pleasantly warm and sunny weather, spring is an especially great time to visit this wonderfully preserved medieval town with its ancient fortified walls and quaintly cobbled streets.