Responsible Tourism

At Vintage Travel we acknowledge that travel and tourism have a potential effect on the environment, both at home and in our destinations abroad.

As an organisation we are committed to:

  • Protecting the environment, its flora, fauna and landscapes
  • Generating greater economic benefits for local people in our holiday destinations and helping them prosper through tourism
  • Promoting a greater understanding of local cultures, religions, environmental and social issues
  • Working with our property owners, agents and other suppliers so that they too can make a difference
  • Making positive efforts to conserve natural resources and fossil fuels, both at home and abroad.
  • Encouraging our staff and clients to make use of recycling facilities
  • Informing our clients of how they can participate in all areas of Responsible Tourism

We recognise that as an organisation we need to be responsible for our actions and be aware that the decisions we make will have an environmental, social and economic impact.