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Umbria Area Information

We say... “Ever since my very first visit to Italy in 2001, I have been captivated by the country. Perhaps it is the landscape of tree-covered mountains shimmering in the early morning mist, which evokes memories of my Scottish origins. Maybe it is the charm of ancient stone-built villages perched on hilltops. Perhaps the friendliness of the people, going about their daily lives in an uncomplicated way. Undoubtedly the food and the wine play a part, along with the unique style and flair of shops and markets - an enticement to even the most reluctant shopper.”
Aileen Tyrell
Area Specialist for Italy

Visit... Montefalco on the 10th of August for the 'Calci di Stelle', the night of the Shooting Stars. You will be able to sample local wines and food during the evening while watching the sky for shooting stars.

Drive... to Norcia, one of the culinary capitals of Italy. It has the reputation of producing the countries best sausages and salami, but especially renowned for the high quality of truffles found in the surrounding area.

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Umbria, Italy Area Information

Umbria, Italy
Relaxed and serene, this verdant green landscape, sprinkled with olive groves and stone hamlets, gives Umbria the title of 'Il Cuore Verde d'Italia', or the Green Heart of Italy.

Take a leisurely meander along its quiet country lanes, passing fields of sunflowers, stopping every so often to explore one of the many ancient villages and towns: Montefalco, Bevagna, Todi, Orvieto and Spello are perfect examples.

Whilst essentially rural, Umbria boasts important, historical centres to rival many in Italy. Perugia, its medieval capital, is noted world wide for its magnificent architecture and has one of Italy's finest piazzas. Gubbio, dating back to Roman times, is a town rich in history - make your way to the Basilica Sant' Ubaldo at the very top of the town and you will be rewarded with a glorious panorama of the Apennines.

Not to be missed is Assisi, a stirring sight as you approach across the plain. The wonderful Basilica, in honour of St Francis, attracts pilgrims from all over the world. The town rests on the side of Monte Subásio, part of the Apennine range. This protected territory of outstanding natural beauty, with its wealth of flora and fauna, is a paradise for nature lovers and walkers.

Umbria, Italy
Finally, do not miss a visit to Lago di Trasimeno, the vast lake at the heart of this landlocked region. As the early morning mist lifts, its shimmering waters are revealed, enticing you to take a boat trip out to one of the islands or simply take the air in one of its waterfront villages.

Local Cuisine

Umbrian cuisine is hearty and simple with its own specialities demanding to be tasted. Around Lake Trasimeno, restaurants offer fresh carp from the lake, or tegamaccio, a rich eel and perch stew cooked in herbs and white wine.

Black and white truffles are used to flavour pasta and risotto, Porchetta (pork cooked over a wood fire stuffed with minced liver, pepper, garlic and wild fennel) is served throughout Umbria. Olive groves can be seen throughout the region, indicating its importance in the local cuisine.

The most famous Umbrian wine is the Orvieto Classico, a dry white wine which, it has been said, was used as payment to architects working on the Duomo in Orvieto. Try, too, the vintage red wines from around Montefalco and Torgiano.

Umbria, Italy


From village events to celebrate the 'vendemmia' (grape harvest) to renowned music festivals, there is something to entertain everyone. Famous events include the Umbria Jazz Festival (Perugia)and the Cortona Tuscan Sun Festival.

Less well known festivals include a water version of the Palio on Lake Trasimeno,where boats take the place of the horses, the October Euro chocolate exhibition in Perugia. Whatever the event, you will be sure that music, fireworks, food and wine all play an important part.


Spring is a wonderful time in Umbria when wild flowers carpet the meadows and the days become gradually warmer and longer. Summer is generally hot and sunny, often extending into September. Towards the end of September and into October, the air becomes crisper, heralding the onset of autumn.

Getting there

For our properties in Umbria, the airport at Perugia is served by Ryanair. The Rome airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino are also worth considering.