Masks must be worn in all public areas at almost all times by everyone over the age of 6, unless a doctor has provided an exemption certificate.   Police will be able to hand out €100 on the spot fines to anyone not complying with the rule.   
•    Masks must be worn whilst walking on beaches but can be removed once sitting or lying on the sand.  Social distancing must be maintained between groups.  It is also not necessary to wear a mask whilst swimming, but it will be necessary to put one on when going back to the car, for example.
•    Masks do not have to be worn whilst practising sports but it is advisable to carry one anyway.
•    Masks can be removed in restaurants whilst eating and drinking.

•    Masks must be worn in supermarkets
•    If gloves are provided these must be worn inside and, in all establishments, hand sanitising gel is provided at the entrance.
•    Online grocery shopping is not available in the Ronda area at the moment.

Shopping in general
•    This varies.  In Ronda, for example, clothes can be tried on in the shops.  In other areas/shops this may not be possible and clothes must be tried on at home and returned if necessary.
•    Some shops are working with reduced opening times.

•    In Andalucia the beaches are patrolled to make sure social distancing is being maintained and access to beaches is closed once they have reached full capacity.  
•    No balls games, inflatables or tents are allowed.
•    When walking down the boardwalks, preference must be given to the person who was on it first i.e. wait until they leave the boardwalk and don’t attempt to pass on it.
•     Some sunbeds and sunshades can be hired on the beaches in Malaga.
•    Conil and El Palmar beaches open as usual but with limited capacity.  When that capacity has been reached, the police will stop anyone else going onto the beach until people leave.
•    Access to Zahora beach is very difficult as the public carparks are closed. The link below gives information (% capacity, waves, tide, water temp etc.) for beaches belonging to Barbate Town Hall (Zahora, Trafalgar, Caños de Meca)!01587e35f415e20269cd5f069a3b4ae5?fbclid=IwAR257K5XtaSewstDbP3ILUjXT3ulUU4C8iuzsdlpTfAwql4s6dqavA2dEd0
•    Not all beaches have WCs and shower facilities as before.
•    El Palmar is open to the public from11am as it is cleaned from 6am – 11am.
•    Some beaches are divided into zones, for example El Palmar is divided into 12 zones, with one zone being reserved for disabled people and those over 65 years.
•    Beaches are best avoided at peak times such as weekends.

•    Terraces and bars have been reduced to 50% capacity, groups of family and friends are to be avoided and a max of 10 if necessary.
•    There is limited seating due to social distancing so it is advisable to book a table for the most popular restaurants.  Most restaurants have QR codes to scan and open menus on your phone.

•    Most banks are open but are only allowing one customer in at a time.  However, the cash points are generally outside and social distances must be maintained whilst waiting.
•    Some banks in the smaller villages have reduced opening times.

•    If members of different groups are sharing cars, masks must be worn
•    Taxis are running as usual but all passengers must wear a mask.  The front passenger seat must be kept free if possible, so only be used if there are 4 passengers plus the driver.
•    Trains and buses are running fewer services so it’s important to check timetables in advance.   Masks must be worn when using public transport.
•    In some car hire “offices” which are offsite from the terminal building, there may be a limit to the number of people who are allowed in the office whilst doing the paperwork.  For example, Helle Hollis in Malaga only allows a maximum of 4 clients at a time.  There is no limit to the number of passengers that can travel from the terminal building in the minibus, but masks must be worn.