Masks must be worn inside buildings used by the public, such as shops and supermarkets, banks, cafes, haridressers, in any enclosed area.  There is an on the spot fine of €150 per person for non-compliance. Where social distancing cannot be practised outdoors, masks must be worn. 

Supermarkets/Shopping in general
•    Most of the shops and supermarkets are open as usual.  
•    The larger supermarkets have a ticket service for entry so there may be a queue outside.  This is to limit the number of people inside at any one time so that social distancing can be maintained.
•    The smaller shops do not have this system so it is better to ask if it is alright to enter.  This act of courtesy will be greatly appreciated by the staff.

•    The beaches are all open and stunning at the moment as there a fewer people around.  
•    Not all of the beaches have the usual sun loungers and parasols available but these are items that can be purchased at any of the gift shops.

•    Not all of the restaurants have opened but there is still plenty of choice. Restaurants, bars, cafes etc are allowed to stay open until midnight but no later.  
•    Social distancing must be maintained and this may mean that larger groups are spread over two smaller tables.
•    The indoor dining areas are all closed but dining on the terraces is the norm in summer anyway.

•    The banks are open as usual and masks must be worn inside.
•    To limit the number of people inside at any given moment, there is a ticket system in place.  Customers must take a ticket and wait their turn outside.

•    Masks must be worn in hire cars or at least carried in the car.  Different companies have different policies regarding the number of people who are allowed to travel together, so it is best to check with individual companies.
•    Taxis have a reduced capacity and only the driver and 2 passengers are allowed in a taxi, unless travelling with a small child, then 2 passengers, plus the child and the driver are permitted.  A group of 4 adults or 2 adults and older children would need to take 2 taxis.   Masks must be worn whilst travelling in a taxi.
•    All bus services are running although there may be a reduced service, so it is important to check timetables before travelling.  Masks must be worn on public transport.