Masks must be worn by everyone aged 6 years and older.  Exemptions are made for people with medical reasons not to wear one, but proof is required.  Masks must cover the mouth and nose and must be worn, even if social distancing can be observed, as follows
•    They must be worn at all times whilst walking around towns and other urban areas including open spaces and parks.
•    In all shops and supermarkets
•    In all interior establishments open to the public like banks and galleries
•    In places like tourist offices and information centres, museums, petrol stations etc.
Masks do not have to be worn
•    On the beach *
•    On countryside walks *
•    On walks along the sea front including in urban areas *
•    Whilst practising sport
•    In bars and restaurants once seated *
•    In open areas outside of the towns and villages
*Social distancing must be maintained.
It is advisable to carry a mask at all times as police can issue on the spot fines to people who do not have them.  Face masks and hand sanitising gel can be bought in most supermarkets and in chemist shops (Farmacias).
•    As with all establishments, supermarkets provide hand sanitising gel at the entrance
•    If gloves are provided, these must be worn whilst inside

Shopping in General
•    There may be separate doors assigned for entering and exiting, with directional arrows and distance markers clearly visible on the floor where queues tend to form.
•    Some clothes shops are not providing changing room facilities at the moment and customers are encouraged to purchase and then try items on at home.  This is in conjunction with an easy policy for returning unwanted items.
•    Many local markets are operating as usual.  Masks must be worn and social distancing maintained.

•    The beaches are all open, they are not busy and have plenty of room for everyone
•    There are no apps or portioned sections but the life guards and police regularly patrol and remind people, if necessary, to keep to the social distancing rules.  It’s all done in a very friendly way.

•    The majority of restaurants and bars are now open and with many hotels still closed, there is plenty of room for everyone.
•    Tables, both inside and outside are spaced, 2 metres apart so that social distancing can be maintained.
•    Masks do not need to be worn whilst eating or drinking.
•    At present it is not necessary to book a table in a restaurant.
•    Many restaurants are taking advantage of the extra space to hold small concerts to enjoy whilst dining.

•    Cash, debit and credit cards are accepted in shops and supermarkets
•    Banks are open but numbers allowed inside are limited.  There is usually a queue outside and people are called in on an individual basis by a member of staff.

•    The local bus service is limited so it’s advisable to check timetables before travelling. Masks must be worn on all public transport.
•    Taxis are available as usual.  Masks are compulsory whilst riding in a taxi.
•    Masks do not need to be worn in private vehicles unless travelling with a passenger who is not in part of the same group/family.

•    Although the traditional ‘fiestas’, horse festivals have all been cancelled, other concerts are being held, the theatre is open and there is street entertainment at the night markets as usual.
•    Museums and cultural sites are all open but may limit capacity to allow for social distancing.
•    Boat trips and other activities are running as usual but it is important to book first.   
•    Kayaking and horse riding centres are all open.