The wearing of masks is mandatory at all times outside the home throughout Turkey. This includes, but is not limited to, all public places, including streets, side streets, parks, gardens, picnic areas, markets, sea side and public transportation including, buses, taxis and ferries.

There is a 900tl (approx. £110) fine if found not to be following these requirements.
Social distancing must be maintained at all times.       
There are a few extra local restrictions in place
•    People under the age of 18 can only go out if accompanied by a parent or guardian.  The adult must be able to prove they are the child’s parent or guardian if asked.
•    There is a curfew in place for local people over the age of 65 and they are only allowed out between 10am and 8pm but this does not apply to those visiting for tourism in most areas.

Supermarkets/Shopping in general
•    The shops and supermarkets are open as usual with hand sanitising gel at the entrances and exits.
•    Masks must be worn whilst inside and social distancing must be maintained.  There may be stickers on the floor marking out places to queue or wait
•    Some “fresh items” are pre-bagged.  

Beaches/Beach Clubs
•    The beaches and beach clubs are all open as usual.  Social distancing must be maintained at all times and sun loungers are laid out in pairs to help with this.
•    Masks must be worn at all times unless in the sea.

•    Restaurants, bars and cafes are all open as usual but must close at midnight.  
•    Social distancing must be maintained and tables are spaced out to allow for that.
•    Masks must be worn unless eating and drinking, and there could be fines for both the establishment and the diner for failing to comply.  Restaurants will provide masks if necessary and hand sanitising gel is provided at the entrance and other areas inside.

•    Banks are open as usual but a limited number of people are allowed inside at one time.   Masks must be worn inside the bank.  

•    Whilst sharing a car, the front passenger seat and the rear middle seat must be kept free.  All passengers must wear masks.
•    The same rules apply to taxis, so a 5-seat taxi can only take 2 passengers plus the driver.
•    Public transport is running the usual service and masks must be worn at all times.

•    Cultural sites are all open as usual.  
•    The tours and boat trips are running but with a reduced service as demand is low at the moment.  Masks must be worn at all times on boat trips and tours.