Valencia Region

Mask must be worn by everyone over the age of 6 as follows:
•    In all interior public places such as shops /supermarkets/public transport/museums/petrol stations, although they can be taken off whilst eating and drinking in restaurants and cafes.
•    In exterior public areas, where a distance of 2m cannot be maintained.
•    It is not compulsory to wear a mask in a private car unless travelling with someone who is not part of your group.
A face mask must be carried at all times even if it isn’t required, although people with certain medical conditions are exempt.  Police can issue on the spot fines for anyone who doesn’t have a mask.
Face masks and hand sanitising gel can be bought at most supermarkets and chemist shops (Farmacias).

•    As with all establishments, supermarkets provide hand sanitising gel at the entrance
•    They also provide gloves which must be worn whilst inside (please dispose of these gloves responsibly after use)
•    Some supermarkets ask that the trolley is pushed ‘handle bars first’ through the check-out aisle as this creates more distance between customer.
•    In order to minimise the volume of people inside a supermarket, it is requested that only 1 person from each group goes inside.  

Shopping in general
•    There may be separate doors assigned for entering and exiting, with directional arrows and distance markers clearly visible on the floor, where queues tend to form.
•    Clothes shops are not providing changing room facilities at the moment and customers are encouraged to purchase and then try items on at home.  This is in conjunction with an easy policy for returning unwanted items.
•    Local markets are operating as usual with social distancing and masks must be worn.
•    Lifts must not be shared with non-cohabitants, if it arrives occupied please let that person continue alone.

•    The beaches in the area are open, currently with a no booking policy.  However, social distancing (2 metres) must be maintained whilst on the sand and in the water.
•    There are lifeguards in place and the flag system is in operation.
•    Sunbeds are not available and footbaths have been withdrawn for sanitation purposes.
•    Railings, walkways, litter bins and public beach toilets will be disinfected regularly throughout each day.
•    Beach Wardens will be monitoring the beaches and ensuring compliance with capacity and social distancing throughout the day.
•    Children’s parks are open and disinfected on a regular basis.  Again, social distancing must be maintained.
Calpe Beaches: Sensors have been installed to monitor occupation levels on the sand, which relay the information to a traffic light system displayed on posts – an App will also be available shortly.  The Auxiliary Health Centre, at la Fossa Beach is open – note it is obligatory to wear face masks, on entering the Centre.

•    The majority of restaurants and bars are now open and tables, both inside and outside, are strategically spaced 2 metres apart.
•    It is not compulsory to wear a mask in a restaurant or bar, however social distancing must be maintained.
•    At present it is not necessary to book a table in a restaurant.

•    Cash, debit and credit cards are accepted in shops and supermarkets
•    Banks are open but numbers allowed inside are limited.  There is usually a queue outside and people are called in on an individual basis by a member of staff.

•    The local bus service is limited so it’s advisable to check the timetables before travelling.  Masks must be worn on all public transport.
•    Taxis are available as usual.  Masks are compulsory whilst riding in a taxi.