The Best Beaches in

Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It is no wonder that so many people flock to stay in one of the amazing villas in Italy. Amongst countless other things, one of the attractions of Italy is the gorgeous beaches that frame the country.


Tuscany offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

Viareggio beach in Versilia is a popular beach destination. Families staying in villas near Tuscany will find a plethora of activities for all the family to enjoy, and at night, experience the electric summer nightlife of the beach that will prove unforgettable. The fine-sand beach also provides an incredible view of the Apuan Alps, making it an elegantly scenic destination.

Feniglia beach is the perfect beach for those looking to experience the peace and serenity of nature. Away from the noise of the big city, a journey here will be with the trip to experience the beaches of warm, untouched waters, and the alluring calm of the forest nature reserve.


Umbria is known as the “green heart” of Italy, due to its lush vegetation unwashed by the sea. However, for those staying in one of the luxury villas in Umbria, Lago Trasimeno is but a one-hour drive from Umbria, so you need not miss out on the beach experience.

Sualzo beach is a small, quiet location where you can relax and enjoy the beaming sun as it shimmers across the clean waters. This beach is for those who want a more intimate and relaxed experience of the exquisite lake.

If you crave a livelier experience, Zocco beach offers a popular destination full of activities including basketball/volleyball courts, an infinity pool, and spirited club nights with food and live music.


Lazio borders the Tyrrhenian Sea, and there are various lovely beaches within reach of those staying in a stunning villa in Lazio.

Spiaggia dei 300 gradini (the beach of 300 steps) is a wonderful beach that boasts crystal clear waters and striking white sand. The main feature of this beach is that, in order to get to it, you must climb down 300 steps. Although this seems challenging, you won’t notice the effort when gazing out at the brilliant view the descent provides.

If you were to ferry across from the coast of Lazio to Isola Palmarola, you would find yourself on the beautiful beach of San Silverio. This beach not only has clear waters but also showcases the famous land where Pope Silverius was killed in 537 AD.


Should you find yourself in one of the glorious villas in Sicily, you will be spoilt for choice at the amazing beaches it has to offer.

Torre Salsa is a nature reserve beach that is unknown to many tourists, leaving it a quiet yet full of life destination. The beach is home to many loggerhead sea turtles and peregrine falcons, so you can witness the magic of nature whilst visiting. You will also notice the vibrant pink and purple colours of the wild orchids on the mountains.

Scala dei Turchi is one of Sicily’s most mesmerising natural rock structures. Travel here to witness the rippling wave formation of the beach, and see its curved, bone-white marl structure in all its glory. This moonscape-like rock is amazing to see whilst admiring from the soft, sandy beaches below.