The Best Cuisines From Around The World

There are many reasons to travel the world – art, music, wildlife, weather- the list goes on. But surely the best reason of all is food. The world is a giant restaurant and each country has its own speciality dishes. Although you can eat food from every corner of the world without leaving home these days, nothing compares to eating the real thing in the country where it was invented. Wherever you decide to travel, there is sure to be a local dish that you simply can’t miss out on. Here are a few of the best to give you some ideas for your next holiday.


Italy is a foodie's heaven. While the coffee and ice cream are legendary, it is the savoury dishes that really put Italy on the culinary map. Italy is home to arguably the world’s most popular food of all- pizza. You’ve probably been eating American style pizza for years, but real Italian pizza is another thing altogether. A traditional Italian pizzeria will stretch out the pizza base until it is wafer-thin, before adding cheese, tomato and other toppings. While you may be used to a fully loaded pizza, you can’t go wrong with a simple Margherita. First created in 1889 in honour of the Queen Consort Margherita of Savoy, the cheese, tomato and herbs are designed to mimic the colours of the Italian flag.


From fresh bread to exquisite pastries, France is a country built around food. Any authentic French restaurant will spoil you with its selection of delicious dishes, but no trip to France would be complete without a Coq au Vin. This simple but delicious meal takes chicken legs and braises them in red wine before serving them with lardons (small strips of bacon), mushrooms and garlic.


Greek food is incredibly versatile, encompassing meat, fish and vegetables of all kinds. Choosing just one dish is hard, but you can't go wrong with Taramasalata. Often spread on bread or served with potatoes, this fish-based mezze dish uses cured cod, carp or mullet eggs mixed with olive oil and lemon juice to create a delicious paste.


No trip to Spain would be complete without a paella. Originating from Valencia, this world-famous rice dish takes short grain rice, green beans, chicken, rabbit, duck and sometimes snails, and pan-cooks them over an open fire. The result is a truly magnificent combination of flavours.


Many countries are famous for their desserts, but few are as iconic as Turkish Baklava. This rich pudding is made with layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and held together with syrup or honey. A good Baklava is so satisfying that many would consider it a meal in itself.


Portugal is paradise for lovers of seafood, and its national dish reflects this. Cod, or Bacalhau as the Portuguese call it, is a staple of Portuguese cooking. It is estimated that there are over 1,000 unique cod dishes to try in Portugal, many of them based around cod that has been dried and salted. One great example is Bacalhau à Brás which adds strips of dried cod to scrambled eggs and fried potatoes to create the perfect meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.