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With more than 830 kilometers of coastline, Portugal has many stunning shores to explore. Famous for its stunning beach locations that make the perfect holiday destination, the golden sands and crystal blue waters don’t get much better than the heart of Portugal. From the Praia De Moledo to Praia de Cordoama, explore our top 10 picks of the best beaches in Portugal for you to discover on your next holiday to sunny Portugal.


Praia De Moledo, Moledo

Located near the Spanish border, Moledo’s sun-kissed beach has been a hotspot with tourists and locals alike for over a century. And thanks to the gorgeous backdrop of Camarido Forest, miles of sandy beach and views to die for over the Spanish hills, it's not hard to see why. While it occasionally experiences strong winds and high waves, it’s perfect for kite surfers.

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Praia De São Jacinto

Found between endless sand dunes and Atlantic breakers, this beautiful beach makes up the western area of the Sao Jacinto nature reserve – located between the lagoon which lies west of Aveiro and the sea. You'll just need to take a 20-minute bus journey from the town of Aveiro to Forte da Barra and then a ferry to San Jacinto before enjoying a short walk to reach Praia De São Jacinto. All of this effort, however, will be worth it for those who like more isolated beaches. The oceanic beach is also the perfect hotspot for those who are looking for surfing adventures on your holidays to Portugal, so dig your surfboard out and explore this stunning beach!


Portinho da Arrábida, Serra da Arrábida, Setúbal

Approximately 30 minutes away from Lisbon, the stunning Portinho da Arrabida beach is situated in the Serra da Arrabida park and is the perfect location for those looking for a relaxing day trip. The cove of Portinho is surrounded by tall mountains, and due to the low tide and rock pools, you can rest assured that it's ideal for the whole family. What’s more, there are a great selection of cafes and restaurants for your dining while escaping the sun for a few hours for you and the whole family to enjoy.


Praia de Ilha de Tavira

This beautiful white-sand beach is located at the eastern end of Ilha de Tavira – a piece of land near the southern coast. It has clear waters, beach bars and a campground, which makes up the only accommodation on the island. While the peak visiting months are July and August, it is relatively quiet and empty the remainder of the year. You can even visit Tavira – one of the Algarve’s most memorable towns – via a small, ten-minute trip to the Ilha, and stay in a great selection of stunning villas in Algarve available at Vintage Travel.


Praia da Cordoama, Sagres

Perhaps you’re a surfer, then Praia da Cordoama is the perfect destination for you. A popular spot thanks to its mesmerising views of the coast, the Praia da Cordoama is a must-visit if you enjoy walks at low tide or surfing near sandbanks. Surrounded by a number of mesmerising cliffs, this stunning beach is worth the visit with impeccable sunset views and great waves.


Praia da Franquia, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Costa Vicentina

If you’re looking for some privacy and quiet, this secluded beach with small waves sits along the sandy banks of the stunning Mira river as it merges with the sea. If you’re visiting Praia da Franquia, we recommend you go canoeing up the Mira river or head into the village and sample some of the finest fish dishes in the Alentejo region. Our favourite is the Arroz de peixe – a fish and rice dish that has been cooked in a clay pot – at the Restaurante Porto das Barcas.


Praia Sao Rafael

Found close by to the well-known and popular holiday resort of Albufeira, Sao Rafael beach is surrounded by cliffs and rocky formations for the whole family to enjoy. There are lots of crevices for you to explore, including sea caves that you can paddle out to on a stand-up paddleboard or kayak. Even if you just want to sit back and relax, you’ll be pleased to know that beach chairs and parasols are available to rent too.


Praia da Adraga

Praia da Adraga is a family-friendly beach located between outcrops in the Sintra municipality near Almoçageme. You'll have access to the beautiful arched rock, which will make for the perfect Instagram picture, and around 300 metres of sun-kissed sand. As this is a very secluded beach, there are very few public transport services to help you get here, so you may need a hire car instead. However, once you arrive, you’ll have access to changing facilities, showers, an on-site restaurant and expert lifeguards on standby.


Candice Beach, Vila Nova de Gaia

If you’re looking for a beach filled with a great number of activities for you and the whole family to embark on, then with Candice Beach you have come to the right place. Just 15 minutes from Porto, this beach entails soft sands and blue waters perfect for kitesurfing, beach ball competitions, surfing and more. The beachgoers are catered for with a selection of restaurants and bars along the beach, perfect for making a full day out of the beach. For those staying in the nearby villas in Costa Verde and Minho, this is the perfect location for a quick run down to cool off or get involved in the fun and excitement the beach has to offer.


Praia da Rocha

Translated to Stone Beach in Portuguese, Praia da Rocha is a popular resort beach near Portimao. Limestone rock is dotted along the beautiful coastline, which is framed by cliffs and high-rise buildings in the skyline. Why not climb up to the Fortaleza de Santa Caterina forte for a more panoramic view of the coast as well as the colourfully painted buildings? If you're patient enough, we recommend making the trip to the fort at sunset for some spectacular views.

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