What you can & cannot take in your hand luggage

As many of the lockdown restrictions around the world are being eased, you may be considering a holiday, either for later this year or as something to look forward to next year. You deserve to treat yourself, so perhaps you’ll want to add villa holidays to your list of options as you delve through brochures and websites. Imagine yourself basking in the hot sun, with a cold drink. Maybe you’re imagining yourself having a refreshingly cool dip in a pool. In that case, villa holidays with private pools could be the perfect option for you. That only leaves you with the decision of a location. Will you choose Spain, Portugal, Turkey, the Canary Islands or one of our many other tempting destinations?

With the prospect of your next holiday already forming in your mind, there are some things you need to consider. Wherever you are travelling to from the UK, one more thing you need to consider is the restrictions on hand luggage.




Baby Food

Sports Equipment

Personal Items


Mobile Phones & Other Electronic Devices

Although you should always check with individual airlines, they usually permit customers to carry mobile phones, MP3 players, tablets and laptop in their hand luggage, but these should be charged up. Any of these or other devices which fail to switch on when tested, will not be allowed on the plane with you. While electronic items such as hair straighteners and travel irons are allowed, if you have limited space, you may want to only take essential items you need for the duration of the flight.

Some cameras are allowed too, but more specialist equipment may not be. So, if you’re planning on enjoying one of our villa holidays, you may want to save the photography until you reach your destination, where you’ll have plenty of inspiration for your creativity.

Restrictions On Liquids

It’s important to understand that the word “liquid” is used to cover a variety of toiletries and make-up, such as creams, lotions, perfumes, mascara, liquid-based foundation, body spray, toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo. It also includes contact lens solution, in addition to food items like soup, jam, honey and syrup.

Any liquids taken in your hand luggage must be in containers of no more than 100ml each. The containers must then be placed in a see-through bag and shown to security staff. The resealable bag must hold no more than a litre and be approximately 20cm x 20cm in size. The 100ml containers must be able to fit in the bag in a way that it can be easily sealed. The limit is one bag of liquids per person.


Sufficient medication is allowed to be carried in your hand luggage. Where applicable, this is exempt from the liquid limitations. This can include capsules, tablets, inhalers, cooling gel packets and any special food or liquid that is needed for medical reasons. Oxygen cylinders can be taken onboard with pre-approval from the airline. Therefore, it’s important to check and obtain any special permission in advance.

You will need evidence to support your need for medication, in the form of a prescription or a doctor’s letter. Airport staff may choose to examine and screen any medication or equipment, so allow extra time for this.

Baby Food

You are permitted to take sufficient baby food and sterilised water, only if you’re travelling with a baby. There is no legal limit, but it’s recommended to check with the airport in advance. Individual containers must contain no more than 2000ml and are subject to checks by airport staff.

Sports Equipment

You can take some types of sports equipment in your luggage, which can be tempting if it’s particularly expensive. However, as you won’t need it on your flight, you can rest assured it will be safe and secure with your holding luggage until you arrive at your destination. So, there’s little reason to carry it on board with you. If you intend to partake in sporting activities when you arrive, it may alleviate any worry if you leave expensive equipment at home and hire some instead. If using Vintage travel, one of our local representatives may be able to direct you towards a reputable business where you can do this, in addition to providing knowledge of the local area and the best places to eat, shop or discover new experiences.

Personal Items

If you want to travel with a musical instrument, you will need to contact your airline before booking. They may require you to purchase an extra seat, if the instrument is particularly large.

Pushchairs, wheelchairs and other walking aids are usually permitted when space is available. However, this is another instance where you should check with the airline before booking to avoid issues later. These items will be screened before being allowed on the plane.

Some personal items which are not allowed include large scissors, corkscrews, safety matches, or lighters (unless your lighter is stored in a plastic liquids bag and kept on your person at all times).

Work Tools & Other Items Not Allowed

While it’s unlikely that you’ll need to bring work tools, especially if you’re planning on enjoying one of our villa holidays, you cannot take these in your hand luggage.

As you would expect, chemicals and other toxic substances are also not allowed in your hand luggage. This includes self-defence sprays, bleach or other corrosive liquids, oxidisers, peroxides and combustible materials – most of which will be refused in your holding luggage too.