06 Mar
Reasons why Mallorca is a birdwatchers' paradise

Reasons why Mallorca is a Birdwatchers’ Paradise

With its enviably warm climate, the Mediterranean is one of the best places in the world for birdwatching and none more so than the island of Mallorca, home to some of the best birdwatching experiences in the whole of the Mediterranean region.

Reasons why Mallorca is a birdwatchers' paradise

Mallorca’s birdwatching hub is owed primarily to its location, being situated halfway between northern Europe and the African continent, on the pathway of migrating birds.

Specific areas of this beautiful, sun-drenched island are renowned for being spectacular spots to witness rare and fascinating species of birds.

One such spot is the Bonquer Valley, an incredibly scenic valley that stretches three kilometres north-east from the Port of Pollenca to the sea at Cala Bonquer.

With flocks of migratory birds and resident Blue Rock Thrushes, the Bonquer Valley has long been a popular place for birdwatchers to head with their binoculars.

The mighty Serra de Tramuntana is another favourite place for enthusiastic birdwatchers to head to. This imposing mountain range is home to some of the most beautiful birds in the whole of Spain.

Perhaps the best site to view the birds of Serra de Tramuntana is the Lluc Monastery, a pilgrimage site in Escorca, north west Mallorca, which sits at an elevation of 525 metres and boasts a spectacular setting of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and the beautiful birds that live there or are migrating through.

If you are travelling to Mallorca with the intention of birdwatching, spring and autumn can be the best times to catch sight of the likes of the Eleanor Hawk, the Balearic Shearwater, the Black Vulture, amongst many, many more indigenous and migratory birds.