25 Jun

Best walks in Le Marche

Le Marche is an area renowned for its beauty and is absolutely perfect for a good long walk. There are walks for everyone, from rolling hills to sandy beaches to mountains over 1500 metres high.

You’ll discover hidden gorges, lush valleys and some of the best views in Europe. You’ll also catch a glimpse of historical Italy, passing through prehistoric settlements as well preserved castles dating back to the middle ages.

Expect breathtaking views over Le Marche


23 Jun

Best beaches in Le Marche, Italy

You may be surprised to learn that Le Marche has 180km of Adriatic coastline resulting in a decent variety of quality beaches to choose from.

There are three types of beach in Le Marche:

  1. Bigger, livelier seaside towns with great party life, atmosphere, tourists and promenades.

  2. Smaller, less impressive beaches but offering a more privacy and frequented by locals

  3. Rocky alcoves and limestone cliffs prime for exploring (head to Conero)

    You’ll love exploring Conero’s coves and Limestone cliffs


21 Jun

An unusual Le Marche delicacy – Lonza Di Fico or Salame Di Fico

I’m sure you’d agree that it’s perhaps a little odd to be eating salami for dessert, however this little Le Marche delicacy, taste sensation is a little deceiving. Yes its housed in a traditional salami sleeve, but the filling is actually  dried figs flavoured with anisette, rum, and the traditional Sapa. Il tutto viene poi macinato aggiungendo noci e mandorle.

Lonza Di Fico or Salame Di Fico

This is a true Le Marche delicacy that takes months to age to the best taste – it is in fact prepared in October and ready to eat from March onwards the following year. Our tip is to serve it with some of the Le Marche’s delicious mature pecorino ewe’s milk cheese and a glass of dessert wine. It’s made in Ancona province but on sale throughout the region.

What’s the history behind it?

The Salame Di Fico was originally shaped like a snake and given to people after religious confirmation as it represented the ‘original sin’ from the temptation of Eve. It was eaten on the day of the confirmation or on Christmas Day so as to exercise the sin-related origin of man.

If you’re in Le Marche anytime soon be sure to keep your eye out for Salame Di Fico, it’s absolutely delicious!


07 Jun

Wine Tours In Le Marche

We’ve discovered a fantastic wine tour in Le March, which we can highly recommend if you are lucky enough to be staying in the area. Set up and run by Marco who has heaps of experience with wines all over the world, and has in fact studied Viticulture and Oenology (wine making) at Ancona University and become a member of the Italian Sommeliers Society, you are certainly in capable hands.

Walks in the vinyard


04 Jun

Sferisterio Opera Festival, Le Marche

Q – What do the Italians do best apart from lift the World cup, wine and food?

A – Opera of course!

If you love a bit of opera then you simply can’t afford to miss the open-air opera festival at Macerata’s Sferisterio in Le Marche this summer. Taking place on Saturday 31st July, Wednesday 4th, and Sunday 8th August (2010 dates) – the open-air opera festival at Macerata’s Sferisterio is an absolute must. There’s seating for 3,000 and you can expect a grand opera in five acts by Charles Gounod to a French libretto by Jules Barbier and Michel Carré from Carré’s play “Faust et Marguerite”, which was first performed in Paris on March 19, 1859.

The Sferisterio Opera Festival