07 Jun

The Cathar castles of the French Pyrenees

Many centuries ago there was a religious organisation known as the Cathars. Their stronghold was in southern France and in many ways the Cathars bear similarities with the present day Amish Society in the United States of America. The Cathars rejected many material things and attempted to live as pure a life as they could,

22 Apr
Foix in the Pyrenees

Why you should visit Foix in the Pyrenees

Surrounded by spectacular scenery and laced with narrow medieval streets, the French town of Foix should be a priority destination of any discerning European traveller’s ‘must see’ list. What has been cited by travel writers for years as being the ‘gateway to the Pyrenees,’ Foix has played many important roles in history down the years

26 Jan

Lourdes, South West France – A Pyrenean place of miracles

The rather special little town of Lourdes has been widely cited as being a ‘sanctuary’ village and the gateway to 12 Pyrenees resorts. This delightful Pyrenees’ village tastefully combines a rich cultural heritage with a tourist development that has been designed to respect the environment. Lourdes has an everyday population of about 15,000. The town’s

14 Jan
walk in the Pyrenees

Fancy a walk in the Pyrenees?

Approximately an hour’s drive south of Toulouse you come across the Ariege Midi-Pyrenees. Within this region of scenic rapture, the mountains soar up to 10,000 feet in a pristine unspoilt environment that takes on the beauty of a most heavenly spectacle. There are many fabulous walks in the Pyrenees for all age groups and abilities, where

04 Aug
luxury villa in South West France

Les Quatre Saisons – a luxury villa in South West France

Unpretentious yet breathtakingly astonishing – Les Quatre Saisons luxury villa in South West France! If high slate roofs, elevated attic windows, stone walls with ivy creeping up, a tree-lined garden surrounded by a pretty wooden fence, a cobbled shaded terrace that leads to a spacious private pool secluded by honey-coloured stone walls, oh and not

30 Apr

Luxury villa in South-West France – Les Platanes

Villa Les Platanes – South-western France’s most naturally nurtured treasures!  Vintage Travel is proud to announce ‘Les Platanes’ to its books, a fabulous five bedroom luxury villa in south-west France, close to the River Lot, which possesses all the character, charm and elegance, Vintage Travel’s villas are renowned for. Situated on the estate of a working