01 Dec

“Caveaux de Noel” – France’s Christmas Wine Cellars

A programme of events dedicated to the tradition of Christmas and New Year in the south western corner of France, with a particular emphasis on wine, is to be held in the wine cellars in the town of Beziers.

Caveaux De Noel

Until 2 January next year, the Beziers Mediterranean Tourist Office is putting on a series of activities, known as “Caveaux de Noel” – “Christmas Wine Cellars”, based around five main themes including, Christmas workshops, gourmet delights, Christmas traditions, meet the artists and fill up your baskets.

Like most regions of France, wine is taken extremely seriously in the Languedoc-Roussilan province, especially in the town of Beziers, where, with its rich and high-quality soil, producing wine is one of the city’s bastions of passion, culture and economy.  Considering Beziers is the wine capital of Languedoc, it is appropriate such ‘wine-orientated’ events are held the town’s many charming and atmospheric wine cellars, including Le Chameau Ivre cellar, which boasts 3,500 varieties of wine, most of which are produced locally with a minority integrating a Spanish influence. The Beziers-Boujon and the Closed Holy Martin are two of the most high-class wine farms in the world, producing Muscatels, Merlots, Chardonnay-Sauvignons of immaculate quality and taste.

Throughout the festive season, from Beziers’ world-renowned and grand wine farms to its quirkier, dusty and more ‘underground’ wine cellars, the town welcomes visitors with open arms to embrace two of societies more pleasurable of activities – celebrating Christmas and sipping wine. Guests are enlightened about many aspects of the region’s traditions and French culture in general such as learning how to saviour the taste of wine, helping children design labels of wine bottles and being taught how to prepare the traditional French appetizer, foie gras.

To see the “Caveaux de Noel” full programme visit the Beziers Tourist website: www.beziers-tourisme.fr