23 Aug

Exploring three of Costa Teguise’s best beaches

The Costa Teguise is one of Lanzarote’s most popular tourist destinations. But what makes this coastal town so heavily-visited and widely admired?

Situated on the eastern edge of Lanzarote, only ten minutes from the airport and in close proximity to the island’s capital, Costa Teguise is easily accessible for tourists.

Though despite its convenient accessibility, what makes the Costa Teguise particularly attractive is its beautiful golden beaches and comprehensive array of facilities and activities to help keep tourists of all ages, ethnicities and tastes entertained on a Lanzarote holiday.

Take a look at three of Costa Teguise’s best beaches.

Playa Cucharas

Playa Cucharas is Costa Teguise’s main beach. Fine, golden sand stretches across an expanse of a kilometre or more. The sand shelves gently into the sea meaning Playa Cucharas is a safe spot for children and is consequently popular amongst young families.

Facilities are plentiful on this popular beach, including sun loungers to hire and bars and restaurants just a short walk away.

Being a notoriously blowy spot, Playa Cucharas is a popular place for windsurfers to gather. In fact so seriously is windsurfing taken on the Costa Teguise that a significant portion of the beach is cornered off and dedicated solely for windsurfing.

Playa Bastian

If the windswept sands of Playa Cucharas doesn’t tickle your fancy, you may want to lay down your towel in the more sheltered confines of Playa Bastian.

Being surrounded by pretty, well-maintained gardens Playa Bastian is an idyllic beach on the Costa Teguise to lie back, relax and soak up the warm rays of sun. And with large stone zocos being sporadically positioned around the beach, providing additional protection from the wind, sunbathers are a common feature of Playa Bastian all year round.

Another family-friendly beach, Playa Bastian’s small tower never fails to keep children entertained, who have a lot of fun climbed the tower’s steps.

Playa Ancla

If you’re looking for a beach that’s off the beaten track and away from the tourist hordes, Playa Ancla is a favourite of the locals.

This stunning beach is encircled by huge stone boulders, which not only give it a secluded feel but creates the perfect climatic conditions for swimming and bathing.

Playa Ancla is a short distance from the centre of Costa Teguise and unlike Playas Bastian and Cucharas, this beach is void of facilities and convenient amenities, which, for some, adds to its charm.