22 Jan
Lycian Way

Discover the beauty of the Lycian coast along the Lycian Way

Whitewashed houses swathed in rambling bougainvillea and thriving markets selling handmade items you wouldn’t find elsewhere, Turkish holidays are designed to be remembered – for all the right reasons.

Lycian Way

But we have to admit the Lycian Coast is one of the most beautiful and desirable stretches of this unique and penetrating country.

After visiting the Lycian Coast, Patricia Yates writing for The Telegraph described the area as a “truly spectacular coastline”.

“Rugged cliffs of pine forests plunge into turquoise sea. Between them are small bays of sand and shingle accessible only by boat. In ancient times the Lycians, mentioned in Homer’s IIiad, settled here and the ruins of their cities and majestic rock tombs can easily be seen,” said Yates.

To explore this stunning region of southwest Turkey it is recommended to get on the Lycian Way, a marked footpath which runs for 509 kilometres around the coast of Lycia. This incredible coastal walk runs from Fethiye to Antalya.

Another national broadsheet newspaper was quick to highlight the charms of this south-western Turkish spot. According to the Sunday Times, this Lycian Way is one of the ten most beautiful long-distance walks in the world.

With numerous and sometime steep ascents and descents, this incredible hike has been graded medium to hard. It begins fairly easily at Fethiye but becomes progressively more difficult as it progresses.

As the heat in Turkey can become somewhat stifling in the summer months, the best time to walk the Lycian Way is during the spring and the autumn, when the temperatures are much kinder.

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