15 May
Enjoy a romantic excursion to the beautiful Lim Bay in Istria

Enjoy a romantic excursion to the beautiful Lim Bay in Istria

Istria is blessed with endless beauty spots and hidden gems, so many in fact that discovering them all in one trip is nigh impossible!

One such natural beauty spot that should not be ignored is the stunning Lim Bay.

Lim Valley is a stunning valley nestled on the western coast of Istria not far from Vrsar and Rovinj to the south of city of Poreč.

The valley stretches for 35km along the river Pazinčica, which eventually becomes a stretch of water, a 10-kilometre-long estuary known as Lim Bay. The valley extends almost to the centre of Istria to a town called Pazin.

The Lim Bay, also known as the Lim Fiord, is hailed as being one of the most beautiful natural resources of the Istrian peninsula.

This beautiful bay is a hive for plant and marine life, with verdant foliage growing on its banks and marine life thriving in its cobalt water, including mussels, oysters, sea basses and giltheads.

These mouth-watering delicacies are served up fresh in abundance in Lim Bay’s two quality restaurants.

Amidst the thick foliage that lines the estuary’s banks live diverse wildlife, including boars, badgers, fox, roe deer, owls, hawks, buzzards, and more.

Rock climbers and free climbers are justifiably attracted to Lim Bay, lured by the suitable cliffs on the northern side of the bay.

Couples looking for a romantic, peaceful excursion to one of the most beautiful and unique parts of the Istrian peninsula are also attracted to Lim Bay, with very good reason.