11 Jan
Palma, Majorca

Experience the Fiesta of Sant Sebastia 2017: One of Mallorca’s biggest festivals

If you are looking for a memorable experience to start the new year on a high, head to Palma in mid-January to visit the Fiesta of Sant Sebastia.

Palma, Majorca

The Fiesta of Sant Sebastia is one of the biggest festivals in the whole of Majorca. This lively, colourful and well-attended event celebrates the Patron Saint of Palma, the capital town of Majorca.

Celebrations will take place around the 18, 19 and 20 of January, which is the Day of Saint Sebastian. Concerts, parties, music, food and entertainment will fill Palma’s streets in a joyous occasion that attracts revellers of all ages.

On the eve of the festival, a huge bonfire is lit in Palma, accompanied by several live music concerts. The ‘Correfoc’ – fire parades – are followed by street carnivals, barbecues and firework displays.

The city’s main squares feature their own musical event, typically of different musical genres, including flamenco and jazz.

Different exhibitions are held throughout the city, displaying unique handmade art and handicrafts, many of which are made by the locals.

One local delight that shouldn’t be missed if you have the pleasure of visiting the Fiesta of Sant Sebastia are ‘botifarrons’, savoury roasted sausages that are sold in many of the food kiosks that line Palma’s streets during this hugely popular fiesta.

Saint Sebastian, the Patron Saint of Palma, is highly revered by residents, hence why one of the biggest celebrations on the whole of the island is put on to celebrate this esteemed Patron Saint.

So, escape the cold, drizzle, grey skies and monotony of January by heading to the vibrant island of Majorca, when the sun is usually shining and Patron Saint days are celebrated to the maximum!