17 Oct
Saint Malo, Brittany

Exploring the bustling port of Saint Malo in Brittany

Saint Malo in Brittany is an enchanting coastal town that curves majestically out to the sea and is home to some of the best sandy beaches on Brittany’s beautiful Emerald Coast, which stretches from Cancale on Baie du Mont Saint-Michel to Cap d’Erquy on Baie de St-Brieuc.

Saint Malo, Brittany

What lies behind these pretty golden beaches is a maze of medieval streets, teeming with history and culture around every corner.

Youngsters visiting Saint Malo instantly fall in love with the town’s powerful pirate legacy, born from the 17th and 18th centuries when the corsairs of Saint Malo roved the waters, stealing whatever took their fancy from Dutch, English and Portuguese ships.

With such a potent pirate heritage, many of the shops and souvenir stores that line the the town’s network of streets sell pirate-inspired items, much to the delight of children.

The hub of Saint Malo’s history and culture can be found within its ancient walls, known as the Intra-Muros. Within this old town lies Saint Malo’s magnificent Gothic and Romanesque cathedral. One of the key highlights of the mighty cathedral is walking along its ramparts and taking in the remarkable views of the sprawling town below and its beautiful sandy coastline, lapped by cobalt water and across to the islands and forts in the distant sea.

This bustling seaside town is awash with places to eat. Oyster is a delicacy that’s heartedly consumed in Saint Malo, as are crepes, abundantly served from the many creperies and kiosks that can be found on Saint Malo’s streets. These delicious Breton delicacies are even better when washed down with some mouth-watering, locally-brewed cidre.