03 Jun

Five best travel apps

With society’s increasing reliance on iPhones, travel apps are hastily becoming an almost as inherent component of the travel industry scene as travel agents themselves.

Given this surge in popularity, we feel a blog post dedicated to the five best travel apps available would make an interesting, or if not important, read.


Download Everytrail to your iPhone and you can immediately start plotting walks, cycling, skiing and even kayaking routes anywhere in the world. Users can attach photos and keep and log of the routes they have accomplished and then show them off to friends via Facebook and Twitter – perfect for the adventure traveller.

iPlane Pro

The days of having to leave your drink in the airport bar, wearily walk over to the departure board and squint up at the screen to find still no information about your flight has been displayed, are numbered, thanks to the iPlane Pro app. Install this little beauty and you will receive up-to-date information about the status of your flight, including gate numbers, meaning you can sit back and relax at the airport.


With 53 different dictionaries and phrasebooks conveniently located on your iPhone, you will never have to take a dictionary abroad with you again, giving you more room and weight on those stingy luggage restrictions. Pronunciation also accompanies the written translations, meaning you will walk off the plane with similar language skills as a local!

Touchnote Postcards

Desperately searching for a shop that sells postcards and then being face with the even more difficult task of finding a post box when you are in the back and beyond so that your loved-ones back home will receive their annual postcard from you is an affliction of the past, if you download the Touchnote Postcards app to your iPhone. Simply take a photograph, attach a note and an address and the Touchnote Postcard team will create a real-life postcard and send it to the address provided.


Download this ultra-innovative app, shake your iPhone, watch the spin like a slot machine, and ‘hey presto’ your iPhone screen is engulfed by a ‘best of’ restaurant guide of the town where you are located – Does technology come much better than this?