30 Jun

Greece – Let’s give them our support

If you are currently on one of the splendid Islands within Greece, you will probably be enjoying a wonderful holiday, with glorious weather, eating fabulous food and engaging in chatter with the locals. Okay, some of the chatter may revolve around the current Greek situation but the main chatter will be fun, humorous, courteous and welcoming – just like the Greeks have always been.

Yes, Greece has its financial issues but to be honest it is not very evident on the Islands and life is very different to what it is in the capital.  The islanders are a very self-sufficient, determined people.

For those of you who have a holiday booked to Greece and are yet to travel, you may be a little concerned but I can honestly say that all you should be concerned about is not missing your flight to get to your chosen Greek destination! As when you get there you will have the most fabulous holiday and you will clearly see that life goes on as normal.

There is food in the supermarkets, fuel in the pumps, wine in the fridge and yes money in the cash machines, some of them did run dry on Sunday evening of the 28th June (the cash machines not the banks) but only because of the demand – and these have now been refilled. Yes there is a €60 per day withdrawal limit but this is only applicable to holders of Greek bank accounts, if you are making a withdrawal with your UK bank card you can withdraw cash up to your usual  limits.

So, do take your bank cards with you but also take more cash than you would normally. Credit cards are accepted as a form of payment but not all establishments accept cards – this is nothing new, those establishments that do not accept cards have probably never accepted them at all! And I wouldn’t dig out your old Drachmas just yet –if Greece did default (or come out of the Euro) it will be at least 18 months before they had a new currency.

For those of you reading this that have not booked a holiday, book Greece NOW – it is a wonderful destination its people are charming and hospitable, always pleased to stop for a chat or just pass the time of day. When you’re there your money will go a long way and you will be very pleasantly surprised on how reasonably priced the restaurants are, but make sure you give the waiter a good tip – they truly deserve it.

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Steve Eccles

Vintage Travel

Below is a letter from the Greek Ministry of Tourism

PRESS RELEASE 29/06/2015

Τhe Ministry for Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism would like to inform visitors to Greece that capital controls introduced by the Greek Government do not apply to those wishing to withdraw money from an ATM or carry out any other type of transaction using credit or debit cards issued abroad.

Moreover, the Ministry does not expect any inconvenience in visitor’s every day holiday experience, neither in the islands nor in mainland Greece, as there are adequate fuel supplies, products and services.

Greece continues to offer the highest quality of tourism services to its visitors, who have ranked Greece as one of the best destinations worldwide.

The Deputy Minister for Tourism, Mrs Elena Kountoura, said that Greece still is and will always be a favourite destination for holidaymakers. Visitors currently in Greece as well as people planning to visit Greece will not be affected by the latest developments and they can continue to enjoy their holidays in Greece without any problems whatsoever.