A Look In Umag’s Town Museum, Istria

Umag in Istria is the first major city you will encounter when coming from the west side of Europe into Croatia. This 45-kilometre stretch of stunning coastline is steeped in history. The surrounding hinterland is dotted with historic fortifications, traditional villages and wonderful scenery, wherever you explore.

Umag, Istria

In the past, Roman noblemen built magnificent villas in this area, recognising its beauty and easy access from the sea. Today, Umag boasts a network of delightful cobbled streets and ornate villas from the Venetian period.

The medieval town fortress, which is known as the Bishop’s Tower, is a three-story building in the heart of the city. The purpose of the Tower was to defend the town from raids from the sea. It was originally built at the end of the 13th and beginning of the 14th centuries.

This beautiful medieval fortress is one of the oldest structures still standing in the town. It has now become the home of an exhibition of archaeological remains dating from Roman occupation.

The cabinets contain amphorae and numerous vessels. The ground floor is a lapidarium with many stone monuments. The second floor hosts the permanent exhibition, whilst the first floor contains temporary exhibitions that are on tour from visiting fine artists, plus further archaeological artefacts.

The museum has an agreeable balance of old with new, by allowing exhibitions of art and sculpture, created by contemporary artists.

During the summer months, most Istrian museums hold events ranging from concerts, films, theatre and dance, usually in their atriums. Many of these are in some way connected to historical and traditional themes.

If you are visiting this interesting Croatian city, a visit to the medieval Bishop’s Tower and the archaeological exhibitions is well worth the effort.

The vibrant city of Umag offers festivals, carnivals and well-known sporting occasions all year round.

In recent years Croatia has opened up as an accessible destination for holidays, and it certainly doesn’t lack for amenities, places of interest and warm hospitality.