25 Dec
San Carlos

The spotlight on Ibiza’s beautiful San Carlos

Known as a popular hippy commune in the 1960s, the almond, fig and carob tree laden town of San Carlos clings on to a much more tranquil atmosphere than many of Ibiza’s largest towns.

San Carlos

The beaches around San Carlos are a beautiful mix of crystal clear waters, serenity and pretty backdrops, light years from the crowds and bustle of Ibiza’s better known beaches.

During the 60s and 70s San Carlos was a long haired, peace loving, hippy village. Even today there are many small communities living without the trappings of modern life and time here very much gives the impression of standing still. For example there is no recognised postal service to homes in the San Carlos countryside and many people still pick up their post from wooden post-boxes in the local bar.

Nearby, Las Dalias has an original hippy market, with numerous brightly coloured stalls and interesting characters. The market takes place every Saturday from 10am until late.

There is a variety of other local events in the town, such as Namaste, featuring live singers, bands and performances most weeks.

A particularly good time to visit this laid-back town is during the festival of San Carlos. The local fiesta is celebrated during the first week of November. The small, Bohemian village comes alive, with lots of activities for the whole family.

San Carlos is also a central departure point for many stunning local beaches, such as Cala Lena and Aguas Blancas. The latter being popular with nudists, and it’s a favourite place for hippies, some of whom have a tendency to smear themselves in red earth from the local cliffs, which is supposed to do great things for your skin!

If you are looking for an alternative place to have a holiday in the sun, the beautiful and laid-back town of San Carlos may just be what you are looking for.