06 Sep

The three most secluded coves on Skopelos

The three most secluded coves on Skopelos – One of the seven best secret islands in the world.

Alongside Rodrigues in Mauritius, Great Barrier Island in New Zealand and the Andaman Islands in India, the Greek island of Skopelos has been cited as being one of the ‘best secret islands in the world’.

So ‘picture-perfect’ is Skopelos, with its forgotten coves lined with pine trees, blue-roofed tavernas nestled upon the beaches and tiny whitewashed churches, that even Hollywood are getting in on the exquisiteness of Skopelos action, with the island’s Kastani Beach being the chosen location to film ‘Mamma Mia’.

Skopelos has not gained its reputation as being one of the best secret islands in the world for no reason, and the Greek island is a haven of tranquil and deserted coves, secluded from the main flow of tourism which have remained a secret for centuries. Take a three of the most delightfully secluded coves on Skopelos.

Agnondas Cove

This cove was given its name hundreds of years ago by inhabitants in honour of Agnodas who won the race at the Olympic Games. Located 8km south of Skopelos Town, this beautiful pebbled cove is rarely disturbed by many visitors and instead remains a gem of a find for those seeking peace and serenity in the most stunning of surroundings.

The Cove of Adrina

13km to the west of Skopelos Town the Cove of Adrina can be found. The crystal clear waters that lap the pebbled shores contrast vividly with the verdurous landscape that surrounds this isolated cove, laden predominantly with pine trees.

Limnonari Cove

This tiny secluded bay rarely has more than a handful of visitors and is one of the most isolated coves on Skopelos. Its white pebbles are encircled by stunning views of greenery. Located 9km to the south of Skopelos Town Limnonari Cove can only be reached by foot from a path running parallel to the sea, or by fishing boat.