08 May
La Rambla, Barcelona

Three unmissable things to do in La Rambla area of Barcelona

Barcelona, Catalonia’s magical, capital city, is brimming with art, culture and majestic buildings steeped in history. This truly unique city is not afraid to embrace both its past and the influence of its artists and craftsmen through the centuries. Each area has a distinct atmosphere and no more so than La Rambla.

La Rambla, Barcelona

La Rambla is world famous; it runs quite a distance, some 1.2 kilometres from Placa de Catalonia right down to the Columbus monument near the port area. It can get rather crowded in the tourist season, with good reason! Tourists flock to see the Gaudi-inspired architecture, and the Miro artwork.

La Rambla is home to galleries, great places to have a coffee and people watch, and plenty of quirky market shops to pick up an interesting gift.

There is so much to see in La Rambla, but here are three of the most unmissable things to do in this hub of Barcelona life.

Human statues

Human statues are everywhere in La Rambla and are some of the best and most inventive you will ever see. Many perform small routines if you drop them a coin. They stand so still, even a close inspection will not convince you they are real until they wink at you. Their costumes and makeup are remarkable, down to the very last detail. They imitate everyone, from famous individuals from history to modern characters from science fiction.

La Bloqueria

Visit La Boqueria, a fantastic indoor market selling mostly fresh meat, cheese and vegetables. It is the atmosphere and smell that is so impressive in La Bloqueria. The market has been around in some form or other for as long as anyone can remember. Once inside you will surely be tempted by the incredible range of local produce on offer.

Museo de Erotica

If you want to experience something just a little risqué try the Museo de Erotica. Don’t worry, it’s not seedy and is very popular, is great for good for a laugh. The museum is aimed at the general public and provides an informative portrayal of this romantic city, with some highly amusing displays.

You can easily spend the best part of a day in the famous La Rambla, people watching and idling the afternoon away.