13 Oct

One thing is for sure when you go to Gozo, you’ll never be bored!

Forming part of the trio of Maltese islands (second largest after Malta) and situated right in the heart of the Mediterranean, Gozo is just 14kms long and 7kms wide so you can see and experience a lot on the Island. It’s sleepy, untouched and an enchanting environment if you are looking for relaxation.

You get to Gozo by flying into Malta and then getting the ferry (takes around half an hour) to Gozo.

We’ve been there a couple of times (team here at Vintage) and wanted to share with you our top 8 things to do and see on Gozo (in no particular order).

Visit The Azure Window

This is a rock formation situated near Dwejra Lake that is named after the colour of the sea around it. It’s worth a climb to the top but be very careful, the long ledge of rock that forms the upper edge of the ‘window’ is in danger of collapsing! If you do make it to the top you’ll not be disappointed by the views.You can always hop in a boat and travel through it if heights are not your thing.

The Azure Window

Take lunch in Marsalforn

Lunch in Gozo is one of those pastimes to savour and take your time over. Find a seat that overlooks the Marsalforn harbour at one of the number of restaurants there and take in the sun, sights, seafood and delicious smells. Local delicacies are mainly fish based… and are stunning!

Marsalforn Bay

The Church of Ta’Pinu

Ta’Pinu is a relatively modern church (built 1920-31), however there has been a chapel situated in this spot since the 16th Century.  Apparently, in the last century a local woman claimed to have heard a voice in the church and it gradually gained a reputation for miracles, so much so that a bigger church was built around the original.

Be sure to check out the white marble cross leading up from the outside of the church.

The Church Of Ta'Pinu

Xerri’s Grotto – Natural Cave

Caves are common in this area of the Med, but this one is quite spectacular. Whilst it may be small it is rich with natural speleothems or stalactite and stalagmite formations and was discovered in 1942 by the owners’ grandfather while he was digging a well. During WWII it was used as a shelter.

Xerri's Grotto

The Salt Pans

These salts pans are situated near to Marsalforn and are well worth seeing we feel. You’ll catch some lovely views along the coast and learn a little history about the salt pans, which date back to 1740.

Salt Pans

Boat trip around Comino

Comino is the baby brother of the three Maltese islands and is inhabited by just 4 people! This isn’t to say that it isn’t worth joining a boat tour around the island, which stops along the way for swimming.

You’ll end up cruising along the coast, exploring the cliffs, ‘windows’, holes, corals, caves and visiting the famous Blue Lagoon.

Relaxing Boat Trip Around Comino

The Ggantija Temples

The Ggantija Temples are said to be the oldest free-standing structures in the world. They are certainly among the best-preserved temples on the Maltese Islands. The two Neolithic temples here date from the third millennium B.C (3600 to 3000 B.C.). There’s not a huge amount to see here, but what there is is certainly awe inspiring.

Ancient Ggantja Temples

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